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Epitaph (2 Arm Doppio King Crimson)

"Tururururururururu!" - Doppio


Epitaph (エピタフ Epitafu) is the 2 Arm form of King Crimson, This stand is featured in one of fights from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Part 5: Golden Wind. Doppio is an innocent boy based off of his personalities and nice appearance, but is an major antagonist from Golden Wind and the user of Epitaph. As of now, this stand is completely over-powered, since it's a Stand-Off Version of King Crimson. King Crimson is a close-ranged stand, used by Diavolo, the main antagonist of Golden Wind. Epitaph is also sometimes called 2 Arm Doppio King Crimson.' This isn't a shiny reskin of King Crimson, and this stand is canon.

The Fight Of DOPPIO vs. RISOTTO: ジョジョ: Doppio vs. Risotto 『HD』

NOTE: Epitaph doesn't have any Passives.

Tier: Arrow Tier

Power Possessed: Insane Power

Range: Close-ranged

Precision: Not Really Good


How To Switch Modes With KC: Switching modes with King Crimson is easy. Just simply press Q.


2 Arm Doppio KC is just a 2 Arm Version of King Crimson.


Key Move Description Damage Cooldown
E + Hold "What are you doing, Doppio?!" King Crimson's arms manifest and smash the ground, causing debris to arise and rag doll opponents who were caught in the shock-wave. 40 Damage N/A
R "As a sign of respect, I will make sure you die with no pain." The user time-skips forward and slashes at the opponent's legs, knocking them back a little as well as rag-dolling them. 120 Damage N/A
T "There you are, Risotto!" The user throws a handful of knives directly at your cursor. Upon impact of an opponent, it will deal minor bleed damage for a short time. 10 & 2 (BLEED DAMAGE) N/A
H "God damn you!" King Crimson's arms summon to deliver a barrage at immense speed, similar to stand on KC barrage. This deals 15 Damage. 15 Damage Per Fist N/A


  • This is a very over-powered stand. Highly Recommended and Good For PVP, but bad against bosses.
  • Switching Stand Off and Stand On is a good combo combination.
  • This stand has 500 Health.
  • Arrow Tier, has no value.
  • This ability was named after Epitaph, a King Crimson song.