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Q: Will Console Support Ever be added?

A:We will not know until Kur and his Dev team are on it

Q:Is Traves Got Burger worth a Cursed Orb?

A: No because in the event everyone had one

Q:does P//S's Nuke affect everyone in the server?

A: People near it will only be affected: such as if one were to be put at spawn people at item island or in the shops won't be affected

Q:Why were the Akira Juice and Sprite DB removed?

A:Dev's decided it was best for the community for it became annoying.

Q:Will some Unobtainables ever become Obtainable again

A: Never except the Holiday Unobtainables

Q: Can you Get unobtainables from stacks?

A: No, They Are unobtainable Except for ZENITH.

Q: Were Cursed Orb stands original stands?

A: No, They are Fan made.

Q: Is this game gonna get copyrighted soon?

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