Info (cone platinum)

Only possibile way to get it is by using The Admin Arrow [ Staff Stand ] This stand belongs a admin named Fabled. He has retired recently (Said it in the discord) and before he retired, he wanted this stand to be reworked

Moves set

Not much known, however there are some known moves. Also basically all moves are spammable and have zero cooldown

Moveset (update/new founded)
Move Dmg Seconds/ key
Cone barrage Inf N/A ; E
Light dodge (spammable) N/A N/A ; C
Time stop N/A 5+ (starting time stop is instant) ; F
Strong punch Inf R
Slam Inf K
Heal +200 Every second +200 ; B
Overwrite Inf? N/A ; T
Teleport (spammable) N/A V
Jump (spammable) N/A Z
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