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"You really brought a sword to a gun fight?…"

"No, I brought BOTH!"


Fightsaber is a spec obtained by using Cosmic Orb on Gun.


[E- Gun whip]: Deals 50 damage and knocks your opponent down (similar to guns gun whip attack)

[F- Kick]: Deals 20 base damage with a 40 critical hit damage, no ragdoll but 0 seconds cooldown.

[G- Pose]: Strike an amazing pose while playing Enter the Gungeon!

[C- Combat roll]: Does the dodge roll from Enter The Gungeon.

[LMB- Laser shot]: Self-explanatory, shoots lasers and deals 5 damage per-hit.

[R- Sword reload]: This acts as the reload for the laser shots, when you press R it reloads and makes the gun act as a sword and slash twice, deals 20 base damage with a 40 damage per crit.


  • This is a reference to a weapon in Enter The Gungeon of the same name.
  • You can still fire during a TS making it easy to hit targets affected, however if the TS user attacks you you will be at a severe disadvantage
  • The "saber" part is a reference to the lightsaber from Star Wars.

Fightsaber's sword move


  • E + F (spam) + LMB (spam) - Easy
  • E + F (spam) + LMB (spam) + E (when they get up, as ragdolls do not stack) + LMB (spam) - Medium (beware, people can still hit you when ragdolled)
  • C + Jump + LMB (shoot in mid-air) + E + F (spam) + LMB (Spam) + R + E (loop) - Hard
  • LMB (spam until reach the limit) + E + (R + LMB all at the same time) + F + E + LMB (spam) + F (Spam) + E (Loop Minus the beginning) - Insane


  • This is a broken stand in PvP because of its long range, ragdoll, spammable rolls and good walkspeed.
  • In the New Universe, Fightsaber has been removed from the game.
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