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HollowKnight.jpeg Galaxy Annihilator is unobtainable. Sorry! You can only get it by trading now, or if it is tradelocked you can never get it again. Either that or it is an admin item/Stand.



Galaxy Annihilator used to be a powerful stand, but since the nerfs it now deals mediocre damage.

It’s currently unobtainable and is removed from the game. It was previously obtained by using Universe Orb on Star Platinum OVA Over Heaven.


Key Move in Action Move Description Damage
E 3E70EFD0-C231-4D94-B609-A32C3203F2E6.gif Barrage Of Galaxies Galaxy Annihilator lets out a barrage of fists dealing average damage. ( greatly nerfed ) Cooldown:2.9s 10 Each Punch

15 Each Crit

(used to do 25 per hit)

R F765CA6F-9C77-442D-B390-49832788DB8B.gif Star Smash Galaxy Annihilator punches the enemy for mediocre damage. Cooldown: 7.9s 50 (used to do 55 damage per hit)
T D54BF75F-107D-482A-9045-CCC3128138C3.gif Universal Overwrite Galaxy Annihilator charges up energy to unleash a powerful punch doing decent damage. Cooldown: 10.9s 64 (used to do 52 damage per hit)
Y A9733A55-F04C-4709-A1BA-8D60373081AA.gif Blessing of the Galaxy Galaxy Annihilator heals your allies if they get hurt. Cooldown: 8.9s 4 per Hit
B+Y E7374E8E-A2B6-4D92-9AAA-DF8FB3E29ED1.gif Self Heal Galaxy Annihilator turns around and heals its user. Cooldown: 11.7 4 per Hit
F DFA8D918-003B-4DAA-BF68-4EC36D36384C.gif Time Stop Allows Galaxy Annihilator to stop time for a short amount of time.

Cooldown: 29.5

5 Seconds
G 3B27A7FC-7AB0-46C5-AF9D-84F07D7758BD.gif Menacing Pose Galaxy Annihilator and its user pose while music aids them. No damage
H 7ADF73A8-2284-40D7-B254-69CC430200DA.gif Universal Ground Slam Galaxy Annihilator smashes the ground creating a pillar of light dealing good damage. Cooldown: 6.9s 49 (used to do 95 damage)
V Reality-Altering Orb Galaxy Annihilator sends a ball made with the power of the universe at their enemies. (CURRENTLY BROKEN). 60