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HollowKnight.jpeg Galizur is unobtainable. Sorry! You can only get it by trading now, or if it is tradelocked you can never get it again. Either that or it is an admin item/Stand.

Galizur is an unobtainable S tier stand.

Note: Galizur is the replacement for Holy Angelic Platinum that came with The New Universe. It is commonly known by players as its original counterpart "HPP", "Holy Pot Platinum" or "Angelic Platinum". This stand has a different moveset from HPP, having The World Over Heaven's moves instead of Star Platinum Over Heaven's.


[LMB] - Punch Combo

Galizur does a quick punch dealing 10 damage. By clicking the LMB button again, this can be extended 3 more times, with the last punch sending the opponent away (every punch has the same damage). Has enough stun to be a decent combo starter.

E + Hold - Over Heaven Barrage

Galizur lunges out and strikes the opponent with a barrage of punches, dealing 1.4 damage for hit for a total of 42 damage. {10 seconds cooldown}

R - Over Heaven Heavy Punch

Galizur strikes the opponent once with a heavy hit, dealing 35 damage. {10 seconds cooldown]

T - Accellerated Knives

Galizur's user throws 3 knives at different angles that summon lightning once they hit the enemy. A single knife deals 10 damage, with the additional lightning dealing 5. The lightning can't miss if the knife hits. {10 seconds cooldown}

Y - Thunder God's Descension

Galizur strikes a pose in front of its user, and summons 10 lightning that hit the area around the user randomly. Each lightning deals 28.25 damage. {15 seconds cooldown}

B - Neutralization Heal

The user heals for 50 damage after a quick animation. {30 seconds cooldown}

F - The World

Galizur and its user strike a pose before stopping time for 8 seconds. Any projectile throw in this state will slow down and eventually stop, while all the damage done will be dealt at the end of the Time Stop. {1 minute and 10 seconds cooldown}

H - Several Internal Injury

Galizur does a quick punch that has 2 separate ticks of damage, both dealing 15 damage. {10 seconds cooldown]

G - Ground Strike

The user does a quick animation, before emitting a decently big explosion dealing 15 damage. {10 seconds cooldown}

J - Reality Overwrite

After a windup of 2 seconds, Galizur punches the opponent dealing 15 damage and showing them an illusion of them winning. The opponent is still able to move but can't attack. {20 seconds cooldown}

V - Time Stop Teleport

Galizur and its user teleport to wherever the cursor is pointed at. {6 seconds cooldown}