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Badge Interpretation

Game Badges in A Universal Time are special achievements that can be collected by many players. Badges are for to show off and prove how successful and fulfilled you are. Though, the first badge in this game is easy to get. Some games have different badges with different descriptions, images, and more. Do not ask for badges because we are NOT admins for the game. This wiki is unofficial.


Image Badge Difficulty Last Badge Update Description Obtainability (How To Obtain The Badge)
AUT Winter/X-Mas Easy 100% (Before)

Impossible 0.0% (Right Now)

December 9, 2020 "You found the present on Winter Update and enjoyed the Winter + Christmas with us." By Using Present on Star Platinum Requiem to get Christmas Star Platinum Requiem.
New Universe Unobtainable ??? "With the awakening of the New Universe comes all new possibilities to explore, what will your universe be about?" Playing the game on New Universe