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Game Mechanics in A Universal Time are gadgets in-game that affect fighting, items, etc/anything else. This page will explain and name all the Game Mechanics there are in A Universal Time. There are a lot of Game Mechanic's in A Universal Time, and much more Game Mechanics will be added later on.

List of Game Mechanics

  • Blocking
  • Stand Clashing
  • Combo's
  • Balanced PvP System
  • Stand / Spec Storage
  • Stand Resetting
  • Damage Indicator Descriptions/Quotes
  • Low Health
  • Timestop Bars
  • Dashing


Blocking is a useful and important PvP Move. Opponents can block your attacks or you can block their attacks. Usually, blocking any moves in the old version of AUT would make you block forever, which was a bug. In the New Universe, everytime you block, a blue bar will appear when you block, and a somewhat fog or steam will appear when blocking. If the opponent uses any of their moves on your block, the bar will decrease and if the bar decreases successfully, you'll be stunned, giving your opponent the advantage to use their moves on you. After that, your Block Bar increases at a pretty high-rate. Your Block Bar doesn't increase while stunned. You can block an entire Timestop, but some moves will decrease your block bar as seen in Infernasu’s Recent AUT Video.

In Infernasu's video about A Universal Time's New Universe update, it showed that the block bar was in your Health Bar.

Damage Indicator Description/Quotes

Once you’ve dealt 100 Damage to the enemy, an random quote will appear next to the damage indicators.


  • ”Ok, and?”
  • “Menacingゴ”
  • “Di Molto!”
  • “Is That A JoJo reference?!”
  • “Mad?”
  • ”YOOOOO00000!”
  • “A Little Trolling!”
  • “It’s Skittles Friday!”
  • “Style Points!”
  • “Update when?”
  • “Universal!”
  • “Outstanding!”

Stand / Spec Storage

This is an special gadget in-game where you can switch your stands or specs. Switching stands will take 5K Cash tho, so don't switch that much unless you're trying to have fun. There's not much to explain on this.

Low Health

When you're Low Health (below 100 or so), you'll receive a pretty blurry screen, your right arm holding your left arm, heart beat sounds, unable to sprint, and slows your walkspeed. You’re able to use any Self Heal move when you have Low Health.

The things you can't do when you're low health is:

  • Running

The things you can do when you're low health is:

  • Dashing
  • Using Stand Moves


Time Stop Bars

Time Stop Bars are bars that appear alongside an Quote above the Bar when you or other player(s) have stopped time, and the bar also shows the duration of the time stop.

Quotes For When you stop Time:

  • “The flow of time is stopped!”
  • “ZA WARUDO!”

Quotes for when Time Is Resumed:

  • “Time is resumed.”
  • "Time can flow again."