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Game Mechanics:


Game Mechanics in A Universal Time are gadgets in-game that affect fighting, items, etc/anything else. This page will explain and name all the Game Mechanics there are in A Universal Time. There are a lot of Game Mechanic's in A Universal Time, and much more Game Mechanics will be added later on.

List of Game Mechanics

  • Blocking
  • Stand Clashing
  • Combo's
  • Balanced PvP System
  • Stand / Spec Storage
  • Stand Resetting
  • Damage Indicator Descriptions/Quotes
  • Low Health
  • Timestop Bars
  • Dashing
  • M1 Hyper Armor
  • Projectiles stopping when hitting a wall
  • Skins


Skins is a mechanic for a lot of different stands and specs in A Universal Time. They change the appearances and colors for the stand/spec, and do not give any damage buffs/nerfs, or health buffs/nerfs. A Skin System is being implemented soon. Originally, Old Universe didn’t have a skin system, so skins were obtained by using an item on the ability. A list of skins will be posted here, and on ability pages that have skins. Skins will have a rarity, and once you've equipped a skin, you'll respawn with the skin equipped.

Currency used to purchase skins: Universal Points

The AUT Halloween Content Update has over 50 Different Skins for most abilities in AUT.

Mystery.png Mystery.png

  • Yasuo: Virulent (Epic, 225 uP/Universal Points)
Rare Skin Name
Yasou: Crimson Blade
  • Yasuo: Crimson Blade (Rare, 400 uP/Universal Points)
Rare Skin Name
Yasou: Zou Zou
Rare Skin Name
Yasou: Enma
Rare Skin Name
Yasou: Ame No Habikiri
  • Yasou: Ame No Abikiri/2.05%
Rare Skin Name
Yasou: Jade Cutter

Mystery.png Mystery.png Mystery.png

  • Yone: Raiden (500 uP/Universal Points)
Rare Skin Name
Yone: Three Mop Style

  • Dawn: Dusk
  • Dawn: Dragon Slayer
  • Heart Dawn (Valentines Day Skin, 400 uP/Universal Points)
Rare Skin Name
Dawn: Keyblade
  • Dawn: Key Blade
Rare Skin Name
Dawn: Kiribachi
  • Dawn: Kiribachi (400 uP/Universal Points)
Rare Skin Name


  • Gold Experience: Rosso (175 uP/Universal Points)

Mystery.png Mystery.png

  • The World OVA (1,000 uP/Universal Points)


  • Shadow DIO (Valentines Day Skin, 400 uP/Universal Points)
Mystery.png Mystery.png Mystery.png
Rare Skin Name
Shadow DIO: Sun
  • Shadow DIO: Sun (400 uP/Universal Points)
Rare Stand Skin
Shadio DIO: OKC
  • Shadow DIO: OKC (400 uP/Universal Points)


  • Killer Queen: Frigid (100 uP/Universal Points)
  • Killer Queen: Industrial (100 uP/Universal Points)


  • HEART//SHAPER (Valentines Day Skin, 400 uP/Universal Points)
Mystery.png Mystery.png


  • D4C: Lovestruck (Valentines Day Skin, 400 uP/Universal Points)

  • Sol: Solar

  • Nocturnus: Burning


  • Reaper: Heartsickle (Valentines Day Skin, 400 uP/Universal Points)
Mystery.png Mystery.png Mystery.png
Rare Stand Skin
Reaper: Kite
Rare Stand Skin
Reaper: Soul Scythe
Rare Stand Skin
Reaper: Soul Scythe
Rare Stand Skin
Reaper: Obsidian
Rare Stand Skin
Reaper: Crystal


Blocking is a useful and important PvP Move. Opponents can block your attacks or you can block their attacks. Usually, blocking any moves in the old version of AUT would make you block forever, which was a bug. In the New Universe, there's a block bar below your Health Bar, and every time you block and get attacked by an move, the bar decreases. Any heavy moves can instantly break your block, and a somewhat fog or steam will appear when blocking (This doesn't happen anymore, it's just your stands arms or yourself blocking). If the opponent uses any of their moves on your block, the bar will decrease and if the bar decreases successfully, you'll be stunned, giving your opponent the advantage to use their moves on you. After that, your Block Bar increases at a pretty high-rate. Your Block Bar doesn't increase while stunned. You can block an entire Timestop, but some moves will decrease your block bar as seen in Infernasu’s Recent AUT Video.

The block bar is located under your health bar.

QoL (Quality-of-Life)

QoL is a recently added mechanic added into A Universal Time. QoL occurs when a move is used on a player or dummy. You automatically taunt after killing opponents (randomized taunt), stunned text appears if you use a move that stuns.


Damage Indicator Description/Quotes

Once you’ve dealt 100 Damage to the enemy, an random quote will appear next to the damage indicators. When you attack a dummy or player when they’re dead, a lot of damage indicator quotes will start appearing rapidly.


  • ”Ok, and?”
  • “Menacingゴ”
  • “Di Molto!”
  • “Is That A JoJo reference?!”
  • “Mad?”
  • ”YOOOOO00000!”
  • “A Little Trolling!”
  • “It’s Skittles Friday!”
  • “Style Points!”
  • “Update when?”
  • “Universal!”
  • “Outstanding!”
  • “Absolute Legend”
  • “Oni Combo”
  • “MMMMM~ NICE!”
  • “Retired!”
  • “Clipped, Trimmed, and Published, kid. Get better, you’re dog-water. Consider wiping, I’m goated fam, (unlike you). It’s really a potato problem. Try uninstalling, might help. Ape mentally.”
  • "Either you or them!"
  • "Kur would be proud."
  • "Damn."

Time Stop Bars

Time Stop Bars are bars that appear alongside an Quote above the Bar when you or other player(s) have stopped time, and the bar also shows the duration of the time stop.

Quotes For When you stop Time:

  • “The flow of time is stopped!”
  • “ZA WARUDO!”

Quotes for when Time Is Resumed:

  • “Time is resumed.”
  • "Time can flow again."

M1 Hyperarmor

When a player attacks you while you’re using M1’s, you gain hyper armor. M1 Hyper Armor was seen in Infernasu’s AUT Video.

Projectiles being stuck on walls

When you throw a projectile at a wall or anything else, the projectile will stay on there, having effect of the wall breaking or cracking. If you don’t throw the projectile at anything, then the projectile reaches it limited range and will disappear.

Low Health

When you're Low Health (below 100 or so), you'll receive a pretty blurry screen, your right arm holding your left arm, heart beat sounds, unable to sprint, and slows your walkspeed. You’re able to use any Self Heal move when you have Low Health. The low health slowdown has been removed, making DIO (Boss) approach you at a normal pace.

The things you can do when you're low health is:

  • Dashing
  • Using Stand Moves
  • Activating awakenings

Emote Wheel:


The Emote Wheel is a reference to the popular FPS And 3rd person shooter, Fortnite. If you want to look at the emote's information, go down. To activate Emote Wheel In-game, press "." on your keyboard.


Emote Name Emote in action Reference/Originality
I dont like fnf gif.gif
Friday Night Funkin'
Smug Dance A Hat In Time
Default Dance Fortnite
Infestation Calamity Terraria Mod
Caramelldansen Caramella Girls
Torture Dance
Torture Dance Gif.gif
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind
Kazotsky Team Fortress 2
Smooth Criminal Legendary recreation of the performance during

the music video of "Smooth Criminal" by Michael Jackson.

Ievan Polkka Dance referring to the most recurring song in Project DIVA games,

inspired from the Finnish song of the same name,

but more popular from its Hatsune Miku recording.

90s This emote refers the "Running in the 90s" JoJo edit feauturing a more vaporwave styled remix by Sytricka of the original song Maurizio De Jorio, the edit itself features various versions but this one is

a callback to kakyoin's taunt in HFtF, often paired with his line "Kakatte Koi" (Bring it on) from the same game.

Cshearer The dance is a replica of the same dance featured in the TikTok by the user Carson Shearer using the song "Collard Greens" by SchoolboyQ, just slightly sped up.
Rodeo This emote refers to the music video "Rodeo" by Lil Nas X, it's one of the dances that is performed in the video itself around the 42nd second mark.

Stand / Spec Storage

This is an special feature in-game where you can switch your stands or specs. Switching stands previously would take 5K Cash though, so don't switch that much unless you're trying to have fun.

If you’ve played A Universal Time before New Universe, you receive Nine Slots, but if you haven’t, then you receive Six Slots. You can purchase more Stand Storages, their price is only 100 Robux. Every Stand Storage is the same price no matter how many you have or have not bought.


Dashing is one of the most important global moves to use for PvP. It gives 0.5 seconds of invincibility when you use it, and can evade start-up moves/a lot of moves such as Gojo's Reversal Red Technique, SPTW's Arm Crush, etc.


Universal Coins are currency that are gained from winning in the 1v1’s Game-mode or by chests. They can be used to buy new things to customize your profile or to get Gojo. There's a difference between UCoins. One is 1v1's UCoins and Chest UCoins. Chest UCoins don't give 1v1 UCoin's, as 1v1 UCoins are gained from winning 1v1's.


Regular dummy

This is a passive npc with about 450 health that is used for testing out attacks. they are knocked back further than players and are easily ragdolled. Since they have more extreme mechanics than players it would be best not to use them to test combos. The most common use for them is damage quests.

Killable dummy

This is a dummy with 1 health so any sort of attack instantly kills it.

Sans Dummy

This is a dummy which can dodge attack like sans, in the end it's stamina will run out and it will instantly die like the Killable Dummy

Blocking Dummy

This is a dummy that is blocking, once block broken it becomes a regular dummy.
Any normal block break move will render the dummy normal.

Reflecting Dummy

This is a dummy that, when attacked reflects all of your damage you try to do it towards yourself. Knockback moves will knockback you instead of the dummy.

Attacking Dummy

This is a dummy that constantly M1s which deal 50 damage each. These dummies are most used for damage blocking or damage taking taking related quests. Unlike the rest of the Dummies these ones don't respawn.


Badge Interpretation

Game badges in A Universal Time are special achievements that can be collected by many players. Badges are for to show off and prove how successful and fulfilled you are. Though, the first badge in this game is easy to get. Some games have different badges with different descriptions, images, and more. Do not ask for badges because we are NOT admins for the game. This wiki is unofficial.


Image Badge Difficulty Last Badge Update Description Obtainability (How To Obtain The Badge)
AUT Winter/X-Mas Unobtainable December 9, 2020 "You found the present on Winter Update and enjoyed the Winter + Christmas with us." By Using Present on Star Platinum Requiem to get Christmas Star Platinum Requiem.
New Universe Free To Get May 22, 2021 "With the awakening of the New Universe comes all new possibilities to explore, what will your universe be about?" Playing the game on New Universe


Game passes, like VIP shirts, give players special perks and abilities in games. These added abilities can be anything, from super strength or speed, to a special item—the benefits are up to the game creator.

List of gamepasses

A Universal Time gamepasses
Gamepass Image Price Description
Item Notifier
Item Notifier Gamepass.png
1000 Robux Shows you a blue circle that hints where an Item, NPC, Chest, Meteorite, or Sand Debris spawned. It's previous price was 300 Robux.
3+ Stand Storage
Stand Storage.png
400 Robux Gives you 3 extra slots for storing stands In Stand Storage. (will automatically unlock the paid slots just rejoin)
+3 Bank Storage
Item Storage bank Slots.png
400 Robux Gives you 3 extra slots for storing items
Chat Color
Chat Color Gamepasses.png
50 Robux This will grant you a custom chat color whenever you chat in game.

How to use:

> type "/e ccc" to toggle the ui.

> set your desired chat color.

> click the "Set Chat Color Button".

Chat Background Color
Chat Background Colors Gamepasses Remake bcuz last one was bigger.png
50 Robux Changes your chat's background color when you chat.


> Chat "/e bbb" to enable it

> Choose color of your liking.

> Click on the button and it will set your chat's background color.

> Done.

Emote Pack V1
80 Robux

120 Robux

Contains 7-10 Emotes. After it releases, it will cost 120 so get it while you can.
Emote Pack V2
Emote Pack V2 Gamepasses.png
80 Robux

120 Robux

Original price gonna be 120. Gives 10-7 Emotes once Finished.


Product List

  • Bank Slot - adds another slot to the Item Storage bank
  • Big Donation - 500 robux donation
  • Donation - 100 robux donation
  • Private Server - gives private servers
  • Spawn DIO - self explanatory
  • Stand Storage Slot - adds another slot to the Ability Storage menu

Game Main Menu:

Main Menu=



1v1’s is a gamemode where you fight 1 Person with a randomized map. You have 3 Lives, and if you win, you gain 3 Universal Coins. If you lose, you don't lose any Universal Coins, but you receive 1 Loss Count in your statistics. Leaving an on-going 1v1 Match results in a penalty. When you lose a live, the amount of Universal Coins goes with the amount of lives you have left.

When you press "TAB" + "Caps Lock" during an on-going match or at the end of the match, it'll show both you and the players statistics.


There are 7 Ranks in total for 1v1s, they are:

  • 25 Wins - Bronze
  • 40 Wins - Gold
  • 65 Wins - Diamond
  • 90 Wins - Platinum
  • 160 Wins - Master
  • 300 Wins - Grand Master
  • 360 Wins - Battle Master


Ultra Rapid Fire Mode

Ultra Rapid Fire Mode, or URF mode, is a mode where every cooldown is reduced, stun is reduced and it give you a random stand for the match for example, you get sakuya and your enemy get reaper. Each cooldown will be divided by 20, while stuns are reduced to an eighth of their original stun. In this game mode the damage and wins will also still count towards damage type quests, such inflicting or dealt 10,000 Damage. This game mode is extremely cancer as every "super move" such as Domain Expansion, beatdowns, and time stops have the same cooldown.

Ultra-Rapid Fire is also a gamemode in LoL (League of Legends).


2v2’s is similar to 1v1’s, except you have a friend or a player on your team and another player on the other persons team.

This gamemode is unfinished and unreleased.

Boss Raids

This mode is a special game mode which hasn't been finished yet so it is unreleased.

People speculate it will be a team of players against one NPC boss that they have to kill together in order to win rewards.


  • If you bring a banned ability to 1v1’s (PLANET // SHAPER, Sans, etc,), that ability will be replaced by Standless in 1v1s.
  • Sans is banned due to a glitch where you reset and the server would crash.
  • Use stands such as Nocturnus, The World High Voltage, Star Platinum The World, Goku, Reaper, and Broly.
  • While matchmaking, some tips are at the bottom of the player searching filter.
    • The tips are:
      • You will receive rewards with good Universe-Rank Points.
      • Focus and confidence will lead to victory.
      • Dashing gives 0.5 seconds of invincibility. Use it wisely!
      • Always be prepared for battle.
      • Leaving an on-going match, will result in a penalty
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