What are gamepasses?

Game passes, like VIP shirts, give players special perks and abilities in games. These added abilities can be anything, from super strength or speed, to a special item—the benefits are up to the game creator.

A list of gamepasses from A Universal Time

A Universal Time Gamepasses
Gamepass Image Price Description
Item Notifier
Item Notifier Gamepasses.png
300 Robux Will Notify you when the item you selected to be notified spawns and where with an arrow.

Press [ L ] to Enable/Disable

Opens a menu and select the item to see where it is.

3+ Stand Storage
Stand Storage.png
400 Robux Gives you 3 extra slots for storing stands In Stand Storage. (will automatically unlock the paid slots just rejoin)
+3 Bank Storage
Item Storage bank Slots.png
400 Robux Gives you 3 extra slots for storing items
Chat Color
Chat Color Gamepasses.png
50 Robux This will grant you a custom chat color whenever you chat in game.

How to use:

> type "/e ccc" to toggle the ui.

> set your desired chat color.

> click the "Set Chat Color Button".

Chat Background Color
Chat Background Colors Gamepasses Remake bcuz last one was bigger.png
50 Robux Changes your chat's background color when you chat.


> Chat "/e bbb" to enable it

> Choose color of your liking.

> Click on the button and it will set your chat's background color.

> Done.

Emote Pack V1
80 Robux

120 Robux

Contains 7-10 Emotes. After it releases, it will cost 120 so get it while you can.
Emote Pack V2
Emote Pack V2 Gamepasses.png
80 Robux

120 Robux

Original Price gonna be 120. Gives 10-7 Emotes once Finished.
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