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"Don't worry, I'm the strongest." —Gojo


This spec is based on one of the characters in the popular anime Jujutsu Kaisen.

Gojo Satoru (五条悟 Gojō Satoru), also known as Gojo for short, is a major protagonist in the anime Jujutsu Kaisen and the strongest known Jujutsu Sorcerer as of now in the JJK (Jujutsu Kaisen) Anime. Gojo is a universal speculation which released in The New Universe, the largest update in A Universal Time, as it became a whole entire rework. Gojo is currently S Tier, right behind Planet // Shaper.

Gojo has two different appearances/replica's, and one of them are Gojo wearing his Blindfold and Gojo with No Blindfold.

  • Spec Type: Jujutsu/Cursed Energy
  • Spec Names: Satoru Gojo, Gojou, SG
  • Spec User: None, Not a Stand
  • Spec Race: Human

Cursed Energy Information

Immense Cursed Energy: Satoru Gojo is known within the Jujutsu Society as the strongest jujutsu sorcerer. He has excellent control over his cursed energy, capable of activating his Domain in a split second, use reverse cursed techniques, and even combine positive and negative cursed energy.


First off, you need to find the Gojo NPC. He's at a mountain near the small hut leaning against a tree. You need 100,000 UCoins to get the quest. UCoins are obtained by opening Treasure Chest or thugs

  • Kill DIO (Boss) x2.
  • Take 12,500 DMG.
  • Inflict 50,000 DMG.


Gojo is a extremely tall man that is 190 Centimeters tall ("6' 3"). He has White Hair that spikes up only when he has his Blindfold on, and his Hair goes down when he has his Blindfold off or not wearing it, and also wears the TMCTC (Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College) Uniform.


Keybind Move Name Description Damage Cooldown
Mouse 1/LMB
LMB Combo Gojo performs a decent punch with his right arm, does a second punch with his left arm, and finally, he does a expeditious kick at the end of the LMB Combo. 13-25 Damage

(25 Damage on Final Strike)

0.5 Seconds
Gojo Air Palm.gif
Air Palm Gojo thrusts with his right arm and shoots out a blast of cursed energy and deals knockback. 25 Damage 8 seconds
Gojo TP Kick.gif
Teleportation Kick Gojo thrusts the opponent up into the air and then teleport behind them kicking them into the ground, flinging them a bit. 15 First Kick, 19.25 Final Kick
Gojo Cursed Reversal Red Technique.gif
Cursed Technique Reversal: Red Gojo brings up his right hand, making a red ball called "Cursed Technique Reversal: Red", and will glow making your screen red for the start-up. This is a Full AOE Attack Move. If it hits one enemy, then Gojo will teleport behind that person. If it hits a lot of people around you, then Gojo will teleport behind one of the enemies.

This move also guard breaks.

32.25 Damage
F Domain Expansion: Infinite Void Once move is used, the cutscene for Gojo pulling down his blindfold pops up and before going into Gojo’s Domain, he’ll say "Ryoiki Tenkai: Muryo Kusho" (Domain Expansion: Infinite Void) and camshowing the victim/player in Gojo’s Domain Expansion, and showing 3 Frames of other random landmarks; a few second’s afterwards, white paint splashes in a void then gojo appears and says "Ironic, isn't it? When granted everything you cant do anything." then attacks the enemy out of sight and ending the domain.

NOTE: You can only use this skill if your HP Bar is below 250 Health.

This has a Radius of 30, and people cannot break in as there’s a medium-sized bubble barrier that is from the outside of Gojo’s Domain.

100 Damage 15 (Global CD)

50 (Only for Gojo)

27.21 (Cooldown Bug)

Gojo Blue amplification.gif
Blue Amplification Gojo throws a flamey blue orb that can be manually detonated by pressing 'Y' again. Anyone in the radius of this move will get pulled to the detonation site and be stunned momentarily. This is most likely Gojo's best move as it grants him a chance at getting a free combo. 30 (if hit)
Gojo Instant TP.gif
Instant Teleport Upon pressing V when you move your cursor to any nearby spot, you’ll teleport to that place. The concept is exactly the same as Time Skips. As of now, this move is bugged in 1v1's and will prevent you from using moves if used. None
Gojo beatdown.gif
Multiple Punches / Beatdown Gojo does a palm strike, shouting "Mada Mada!" ("Not good enough!"). If it hits, he does several palm strikes ending with a roundhouse kick before flinging them away to the side. 7.25 Damage each hit
Gojo Hollow Purple gif.gif
Hollow Purple Gojo fuses the cursed techniques Red and Blue together, pointing out his right arm, making a Purple sphere of distorted space appear and shoot out, erasing anything in its path. During the start-up of Hollow Purple, you can turn around and make Hollow Purple go in the direction you face. You can be damaged for the first 2 seconds after using the move, but after, you will receive I-Frames. 80 Damage
Gojo AOE Blast.gif
"Hora, Hora!" (C'Mon, C'Mon!) / AOE Blast Gojo strengthens the infinity and knocks nearby enemies back and deal damage, whilst saying "Hora, Hora". This move has a short cooldown, but cannot be spammed. It's also a reference to a community made Gojo character in the 2D fighting game engine M.U.G.E.N 35 Damage
Gojo Quote 3.png
Gojo Quote 1.png
Gojo Quote 2.png
Quotes When you press the keybind "N", Gojo will say one of the quote's below:
  • "Don't worry, I'm the strongest."
  • "Haha! Don't worry, after all... You're weak!"
  • "Who are... you?"
None None



  • LMB 4X (LMB Combo) + R (Teleportation Kick) + T (Cursed Technique: Reversal Red) + Y (Blue Amplification) + G (Beatdown)
  • LMB 3X + Y (Y again to detonate) + LMB 3X + G
  • LMB 4X + E + Y (detonate) + G (Not really recommended)


  • This spec was probably added because Kur and other developers watch Jujutsu Kaisen.
  • Gojo has two different appearances, which is "Blindfold: On" and "Blindfold: Off".
  • This is the pose music for Gojo.
  • Gojo's Domain Expansion Cutscene will not bug out like TWHV's Cutscene since it'll only play for the target.
  • Gojo only has 3 Quotes you can say.
  • Gojo's X Move is useful when you are solo fighting a Team/Gang or fighting a lot of people.
  • Gojo's Beatdown move can basically be spammed.
  • Gojo has small hitboxes for most moves.
  • 4 out of these 10 attacks were performed in Gojo's fight against Jogo.
  • Gojo has 5 Lives in 1v1s, as he loses 2 lives upon death.

Domain Expansion

  • Domain Expansion is one of the most powerful ultimate's, announced by Kur in Discord.
  • The Domain Expansion is shorter than the original Domain Expansion scene in Jujutsu Kaisen.
  • Gojo's Domain Expansion cannot be blocked. You can try to dodge DE if you can predict when the Gojo user is going to use DE.
  • Gojo's mouth got animated for Domain Expansion.
  • Gojo’s Domain Expansion has English subtitles since Gojo is speaking English Sub instead of English Dub for the Domain Expansion move.
  • Domain Expansion's cutscene used to be longer, but got shortened as it was too time-wasting.
  • A new Glitch Can Happen where When you use DE,the afflicted player will be forced to teleport away in a Radius of Gojo.
  • If two players use domain expansion at the same time, the camera will glitch. If a person uses it again the camera will teleport to where the glitch took place.

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