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"Throughout Heaven and Earth … I alone am the honored one." —Satoru Gojo


Gojo can be found near Stucksducks, he gives the quest 'Ascension To Infinity'. The quest gives the spec Gojo.


When you talk to Gojo with 100k UCoins, click the “I want to learn about Infinity” option button, and he’ll give you a misc quest called “Ascension To Infinity”.

Ascension To Infinity quest:

  • Talk to Gojo
  • Kill Dio 2 Times (0/2)
  • Take 12,500 Damage (0/12,500)
  • Inflict/Deal 50,000 Damage (0/50,000)

Once you have finished this, talk to Gojo again, say I want to learn infinity and after this you will get a dialogue saying you got Gojo. You should be resetted and then have Gojo.

This quest is typically long and you don't need to damage with a specific spec or stand.