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"No, see, I don't think like I'm saving the world. The fact is, I go into every conflict for the battle, what's on my mind is beating down the strongest to get stronger. That's how this tournament happened, too. That seems to be a recurring mistake on my part. Maybe that's the Saiyan in me, too stubborn to stand down in the face of that prospect. But I can't bear the thought of the blood of everyone back home being on my hands because I couldn't resist this. This is for them, now. Would you help me?"


Son Goku (孫そん悟ご空くう Son Gokū), born Kakarot (カカロット Kakarotto), is the main protagonist of the Dragon Ball metaseries. Goku is a Saiyan originally sent to destroy Earth as an infant. However, a head injury at an early age alters his memory, ridding him of his initial destructive nature and allowing him to grow up to become one of Earth's greatest defenders. He constantly strives and trains to be the greatest warrior possible, which has kept the Earth and the universe safe from destruction many times. He was released on December 25, 2020.


The 9 Form's Of The Goku Spec.

Since Goku has evolutions and forms in each season, episode, or clip, he has 9 Forms in-game, and they are:

  • 1. SSJ Goku (Activation Keybind: "1")
  • 2. SSJ2 Goku (Activation Keybind: "2")
  • 3. SSJ3 Goku (Activation Keybind: "3")
  • 4. SSJ4 Goku (Activation Keybind: "4")
  • SSJG (Super Saiyan God) (Activation Keybind: "5")
  • SSJB (Super Saiyan Blue) (Activation Keybind: "6")
  • SSJBK (Super Saiyan Blue: Kaioken) (Activation Keybind: "7")
  • Ultra Instinct (Not Awakened) (Activation Keybind: "8")
  • Mastered Ultra Instinct (Awakened) (Activation Keybind: "9")
  • Extra: Drip Goku (Activation Keybind: "=")


Stand (SPEC) Type: Saiyan

Stand User: Kakarot/Son Goku

Spec Name: Son Goku (Spec)

How To Obtain (Attainability)

Son Goku is a spec that is obtained by doing a Quest.

Proof: AUT Discord Server, Trello, ETC.

Moveset and Passives

Passive Description
Passive A - Saiyan Blood Since Son Goku is a saiyan he can transform to increase his strength and health.

Son Goku has been through numerous life threatening situations and intense training, allowing him to transform into other powerful forms.

Keybind Move Description Damage Cooldown
N Quotes Goku will have different quote's. Each Transformation Form will probably have their own quotes instead of the regular ones Goku says.

When pressing N, you'll say these quotes:

  • "HEY! IT'S ME! GOKU!"
  • "I'm Goku, a saiyan raised on Earth. Or so they tell me."



  • Sadly Enough, this spec will remove: Mastered Ultra Instinct, Dragon Ball, and Drip Goku.
  • SSJ4 Goku is non-canon in the DBZ Universe, but it's still gonna be a Goku Form.
  • When you are in the Mastered Ultra Instinct Form, the theme "Ka Ka Kachi Daze" will play.
  • This spec is finally finished and is ready to launch into the New Universe Update.
  • This was planned to release the day after the Dawn spec update, but was later delayed.
  • This is like the Gaster Spec. You need to do a quest to obtain this Spec, and it has different forms.
  • The difference between SSJ and SSJ2 Goku's Models in-game is that a somewhat Electricity appears around SSJ2.
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