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"Hey its me, Goku!" —Goku


Super Saiyan from planet Earth, Goku rests near the Dojo


If you talk to him he will say as follows,

"Hi there! What can I do for you?"

If you ask him how to become strong like him he will reply with,

"If you wish to become strong like me, first you gotta obtain all 7 Dragon Balls."

After obtaining all of the Dragon Balls he will give you a quest as "Road To Strongest"

Road To Strongest:

  • "Obtain 10000 U-Coins"
  • "Inflict 50000 Damage"
  • "Kill DIO"
  • "Block 4500 Damage"
  • "Take 500 Damage"

After doing these quests and talking to Goku a legendary dragon who goes by the name of Shenron will appear before you, he asks what you wish for and these are your options:

  • Destruction (Cursed Orb)
  • Power (Goku Spec) (Replaces your current stand/spec)
  • World Ender (Reaper Spec) (Replaces your current stand/spec)
  • Wealth (200K Money)
  • Ascension (DIO's Diary) (not recommended)
  • Primal Power (Broly Spec) (Replaces your current stand/spec)