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Gold Experience

"Oh, spare me. Did you really think such a favourable outcome... awaited scum like you!?" —Giorno Giovanna


Gold Experience (or simply "GE") is the Stand of Giorno Giovanna, the main Protagonist of Vento Aureo/Golden Wind. It is a fast close-ranged Stand that possesses the ability to give life to a non-living thing. Gold Experience also possesses the ability to create flesh or organs, and detect life with its life giving ability. In-game, Gold Experience is a fairly quick stand with average damage. It also has a reflecting move and a move that creates a scorpion that independently attacks the closes player/NPC. It also has a strong healing move, which heals the most HP out of all healing moves (excluding KQ's BTD). Gold Experience can evolve into Gold Experience Requiem, by using the Requiem Arrow and pressing J, you are able to temporarily transform into Gold Experience Requiem.


Gold Experience is a humanoid Stand, mainly colored gold (as shown by its name), that has some brown areas on the upper hand, as well as purple on both knees and both sides of its chest.

Golden Experience is a humanoid Stand of slender build and average height, similar to Giorno's body type. The top of its head is similar to that of a typical helmet of a soldier, with curved markings similar to the letter J coming down from the eyes on both sides. There are stylized wings on its shoulders and large ladybugs all over its body, which seem to parallel the ladybug emblems present on Giorno's design.

Its design is based on the scarab beetle, as a symbol of creation in ancient Egypt, and on ladybugs, symbolizing regeneration, with its angel wings as a symbol of peace.

It wears slings, similar to the suspenders on DIO's pants.

Befitting its name, Gold Experience is portrayed in most media featuring it in a shade of yellow, but changing colors for some of its details, most notably its ladybugs ornaments.


Gold Experience can be obtained by using an Arrow on Standless, with the same chances as every Stand obtained from the Arrow (excluding PLANET//SHAPER).


  • Stand User: Giorno Giovanna
  • Stand Type: Close-Ranged and Protagonist Stand
  • Based on: Part: 5, Vento Aureo
  • Namesake: Gold Experience (album by Prince)
  • Japanese Name: ゴールドエクスペリエンス ( 黄金体验)


Keybind Move Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Combo Gold Experience throws a few punches towards the victim, with each punch dealing 8 damage, and finishing with a heavy punch dealing 25 damage 8 damage per hit and 25 on heavy punch 0 seconds
Stand Barrage Gold Experience goes in front of its user, throwing several swift consecutive punches towards the player whilst yelling "Muda!" continuously until the barrage ends, dealing .9 damage per hit. 0.9 damage per hit, 31.5 damage in total. 19 seconds
Heavy Punch Gold Experience does a heavy punch and yells MUDA! 30 Damage 12 seconds
Life Form: Tree Gold Experience will crouch down and use its life form creation ability to make a living tree, which will inflict 50 damage to all nearest players. It also reflects all damage dealt to it. The tree will disappear after 5 seconds; during this time, the player can use other moves, such as Self Heal (T) or Life Form: Scorpion (G). 50 damage 35 seconds
Life Form: Scorpion Gold Experience will crouch down and use its life form creation ability to make a living scorpion, which will chase down the nearest player and attack them. The scorpion will disappear after 15 seconds. 20 damage per hit 25 seconds
Seven Page Muda Gold Experience punches the victim, putting them into a cutscene inspired by the Seven Page Muda; Gold Experience punches the victim continuously whilst yelling "Muda" repeatedly. After the beatdown ends, Gold Experience turns around all the way and punches the victim, knocking them back afterwards. The user needs to be 150 hp or below to use this move. This also does equal or greater damage compared to Gojo's Domain Expansion 89.45 damage Unknown, over 60 seconds
Life Sense The user crouches to the ground, saying “Gold Experience”, and touches the ground, receiving a green screen. This move reveals every player or NPC in a radius centered around the user, indicated by a pulsing signal which has a color depending on the enemy's current health; green is high, yellow is mid, and red is low. This highlight lasts for 5 seconds. 0 damage 15 seconds
Heal Golden Experience Reaches out and heals any players or NPCs it touches for 50 health. 50 health 50 seconds
Self Heal Golden Experience reaches out for its user and heals for 50 health 50 health 50 seconds
"The Arrow's Power!" Gold Experience will stab itself with a Requiem Arrow and evolve to its Requiem form, Gold Experience Requiem. This move is disabled by default, to unlock this move you will have to find a Requiem Arrow and use it on Gold Experience. Gold Experience Requiem will return to its normal form after some time. None 100 seconds
N Quote(s) Upon pressing N, you'll say Giorno's quotes below:
  • Oh, spare me. Did you really think such a favorable outcome... awaited scum like you?"
  • "You should quit while you're ahead. For your own sake."
  • "I, [player username], have a dream!"
  • "I don't know why I have this ability, but I'll definitely be taking advantage of it."
None When the current quote ends


E (Hold) + R

M1 3x + R

M1 3x + E (Hold) + M1 3x + R

Evolutions & Variants