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Gold Experience Requiem

"You will never arrive at the reality which will occur! This is... Requiem..." —Giorno Giovanna/Gold Experience Requiem


Gold Experience Requiem is a strong canon stand like all the other stand's in-game. It is the evolved version of Gold Experience, its original form, and is also known as the Requiem Version. This stand can beat Tusk Act 4 if you're skilled enough with it. Since this stand has the ability to hover on the ground at decent speed, you can beat any stand that has slow walkspeed and has no transportation moves or their transportation moves are on cooldown.

Gold Experience Requiem (ゴールド・エクスペリエンス・レクイエム Gōrudo Ekusuperiensu Rekuiemu) is the Requiem Stand of Giorno Giovanna, The main protagonist featured in Vento Aureo. This stand is great for PVP with enough skill. GER is a close-ranged stand, although it has one ranged attack which is Life Shot (T). Though GER is a canon stand, its shiny counterparts, Cranberry Experience Requiem and GEROH are not. Both CER and GEROH are unobtainable.

Stand Type: Requiem

Stand User: Giorno Giovanna

Anime: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure/ Non-Canonical/ Non-Canonical

Canon: Yes

Status: Released and Obtainable

Nemesis: King Crimson Requiem, King Crimson

Stand's Name: Gold Experience Requiem/ Cranberry Experience Requiem/ Golden Experience Requiem Over Heaven

Stand's Earlier Form: Gold Experience


GER is an A Tier in Trading.

CER is Removed, but it was believed to be a B in Trading. Before it's removal it was actually broken. When the developpers found out they had no way to fix it (possibly) they removed CER from the game's code entirely.

GEROH would be still B tier, since the stand was made from a DIO's Diary, and since Dio Diary's are not rare, it would not give the stand a tier up on the Stand Tier List.


Golden Experience Requiem is obtained by using a Requiem Arrow on Gold Experience with a 1/10 Chance. If you succeed, then a "Korega, Requiem... Da." Sound Effect plays From GER.

True Requiem Arrow increases the chance to 1/5, this is the arrow that'll most likely give you GER.

Cranberry Experience Requiem was possibly obtained by using Requiem Arrow on Cranberry Experience.

Unlike todays Golden Experience Requiem, there was no chances in getting it, using the Requiem Arrow on Cranberry Experience immediately turns the stand into Cranberry Experience Requiem.

From a guess, Golden Experience Requiem Over Heaven was made by using DIO's Diary on Golden Experience Requiem, since most "Over Heaven" stands are made the same way and same colors.

Moveset and Passive's

GER Passives
Passive Passive Name Description
Passive A (1) "You will never reach the truth...." Timestops won't work on a GER User.
Passive B (2) Kono Giorno Giovanna niwa yume ga aru ! (I, Giorno Giovanna, have a dream!) The user hovers around, making him faster than average.

C (3)

Life Giving Whenever GER punches the opponent, the opponent's screen will temporarily turn black depending on how long the user punches.
Key Ability Desc Damage
E Overflowing Muda Barrage Really strong barrage, blacking out and shaking the enemies screen. 15/H
R Requiem Punch Heavy punch, the punch will shake and makes the enemies screen go black for the duration of the punch. 75
T Life Shot Gold Experience Requiem will fire a small pebble of debris overflowing with life energy at light speed, and upon contact will transform into a scorpion, targeting the nearest player or the one originally hit. 100 + Bleeding ( 15 )
Y Heal Gold Experience Requiem will heal the struck players for 23 damage, 7 times. 23 Heal
U Self Heal Same as above but on its user. 23 Heal
F Return To Zero ( RTZ ) The user and their stand will pose, and rise up into the air, if hit, the damage will be negated, and the attacker and user will return to their positions when the F key was pressed. 235 (May vary)
G Frog Counter GER places a frog on it's user, if hit, damage will be returned to the attacker. 65
H Root Punch GER will strike an enemy twice and then grow a tree underneath them. 17 - 32 - 25 | 74 dmg
X Life Flourish GER detaches from it's user, flying over to the mouses position (within a limit) and creates forms of life, attacking nearby users. 100
B What am I seeing? GER punches an enemy ahead of them, freezing the enemy, and creating infinite copies of the enemy. 50
N Quote 3 Different Quotes: "Can you avoid destruction?", "Don't make me say the same thing twice.", and "It's all over now." 0
P Pose You hover in the air, posing while a sick remix of Giorno's theme starts playing.
Z Stand Jump A simple stand jump. 0



  • Can easily lose to a Max Soul Reaper/HReaper since Reaper's Soul Collection System was added back, with a much larger buff.
  • While someone is stuck in Nullification: Zero (What Am I Seeing?!), The User in Nullification: Zero can still attack and damage The GER User.
  • Good Passive's.
  • This stand is good against Reworked Tusk Act 1-4 cause of its counter (if the ta4 does any barrage move use any counter and it will highly damage the tusk user).
  • Not really a good value in trading but has a good Tier in PvP, much.
  • CER is a stand from AED (A Extraordinary Day).
  • This stand is now tradeable.
  • Bruhtaro (THE USER WHO IS EDITING THIS) used Return To Zero on a Gold Experience, it dealt a total of 235 Damage. That might be it's true damage.
  • It can beat Dawn in a fight.
  • Gold Experience Requiem is getting a beatdown in The New Universe, and the victim getting beatdown(ed) will receive a first-person view of GER and the user.
  • There was a bug where every time you’d use Gold Experience Requiem’s Return To Zero move, the map would turn Dark only for you.
  • When you use a Requiem Arrow on Gold Experience


Quote Japanese Romanized
"The only thing that will survive is the truth of this world." 「生き残る唯一のものは、この世界の真実です。」 `Ikinokoru yuiitsu no mono wa, kono sekai no shinjitsudesu.'
"I, Giorno Giovanna, Have A Dream!" 「私、ジョルノ・ジョヴァンナ、夢を持って!」
Kono Giorno Giovanna niwa yume ga aru !
"I, Giorno Giovanna, Have A Dream, That I Believe Is Just!" 「私、ジョルノ・ジョヴァンナ、夢を持っている、私が信じているのはただだ!」 `Watashi, joruno jovu~an'na, yume o motte iru, watashi ga shinjite iru no wa tadada!'
"This is... Requiem." 「これは...レクイエムです。」 `Koreha... Rekuiemudesu.'