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Gold Experience Requiem

"You will never arrive at the reality which will occur! This is... Requiem." —Giorno Giovanna/Gold Experience Requiem


Gold Experience Requiem is a strong canon stand like all the other stand's in-game. It is the evolved version of Gold Experience, its original form, and is also known as the Requiem Version. Gold Experience Requiem (ゴールド・エクスペリエンス・レクイエム Gōrudo Ekusuperiensu Rekuiemu) is the Requiem Stand of Giorno Giovanna, The main protagonist featured in Vento Aureo.

Gold Experience Requiem is a Stand of sheer power, having one of the most high destruction power from any Stand in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. It has almost the same abilities from its original form, Gold Experience Requiem, with the exception of Lightspeed Scorpion Beam and Diavolo Beatdown

Despite canonically having the ability known as "Return to Zero". Gold Experience Requiem does not have RTZ at the moment. Return To Zero could return tho.

How To Obtain (Attainability)

To obtain Gold Experience Requiem, the user must stab themself with a Requiem Arrow while having Gold Experience equipped. After getting Gold Experience Requiem, the stand will have a normal Gold Experience model with Gold Experience moveset. To turn your Gold Experience Requiem to it's true form, you must press the J key, and after that your Gold Experience will turn into Gold Experience Requiem that has it's own Requiem moveset.


Key Move Ability Desc Damage Cooldown
Requiem Combo Gold Experience requiem performs a chop, a punch, an elbow and finishes the combo with a kick. Dealing great knockback and damage. The first 3 moves deals 8 damage and the finishing kick deals 25 damage. Adding up to a total of 49 damage if you land all attacks on your opponent. 49 Damage on total 3 Seconds after finishing the combo
Hold E
Requiem MUDA Barrage Gold Experience Requiem unleashes a flurry of punches to the opponent at an extremely fast speed, dealing incredible damage. 1.4 each hit 49 on total 14 Seconds
Requiem MUDA Heavy Punch Gold Experience Requiem lunges its arm forward, striking the enemy with great force. This move deals great damage, aswell as knockbacking the opponent by a fair distance and being able to break block. 30 Damage 11 Seconds
Self-Heal Gold Experience Requiem will go in front of you and touch your chest, healing 50 HP. 50 heal 50 Seconds
Heal Gold Experience Requiem will go in front and punch, healing 50 to whoever it touches. 50 Heal 50 Seconds
Life Form: Tree GER goes in front of you slamming the ground, and seemingly out of nowhere uproots a big tree that deals 50 damage. Gold Experience Requiem can stay on the tree for 5 seconds before disappearing, during this time, you can heal yourself without having to worry about being vulnerable, unless your enemy has a teleportation move. 50 Damage 30 Seconds
Lightspeed Scorpion Beam Gold Experience Requiem fires a shot in front of the user at a very hight speed, if it hits someone it deals 15 damage and creates a scorpion below them that chases the enemy dealing 20 damage per hit. 65 total 35 Seconds
Life Detect Gold Experience Requiem places his hand on the ground and creates a green dome around the player that detects life, it shows circles on the players and the color depends on their health: green, orange, yellow, or red. None 15 Seconds
Diavolo Beatdown Gold Experience performs a quick strike. If it lands on a enemy, Gold Experience Requiem will be barraging them afterwards continuously saying “MUDA!”. This move can only be used when on low health. 0.85 damage on first strike, 2 damage per hit on the barrage, 123 damage in total 40 Seconds
N Quote 3 Different Quotes: "The only thing that survives is the truth of this world.", "Actions that come from the truth will never be destroyed." and "It's all over now." 0


New Universe

Old Universe


  • Not really a good value in trading but has a good Tier in PvP.
  • GER's Pose Music is part of "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Giorno's Theme | EPIC GLORIOUS VERSION" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRok6zPZKMA).
  • This stand is now tradeable.
  • There was a bug where every time you’d use Gold Experience Requiem’s Return To Zero move, the map would turn Dark only for you.
  • This stand is obtained when you use a Requiem Arrow on Gold Experience
  • If you use J while moving GER will turn black and you cannot move.
  • It's been confirmed that Gold Experience Requiem will get more moves in the next upcoming Halloween Content Update.