“For his neutral special, he wields a gun.”


This is still obtainable. you can buy it from the shop for 5 Million Bucks.

How To Obtain

Buy from the shop for 5 million. Its former price was one million on its release.



  • TS Bypass: The gun is able to be fired even during Time Stop.
  • WoU Bypass: Can attack WoU without getting calamity


LMB - Fire (5 DMG)

E - Pistol Whip (50 DMG, 100 Crit), 6 Second Delay

R - Reloads the gun.

F - Kick (20 DMG, 40 Crit, also spammable)

C - Dodge (Spammable)

G - Poses while playing Enter the Gun

Space - Does a frontflip.

It fires 8 times before needing reload


  • This spec can move in TS. (For the whole duration)
  • However, it is unable to move in Sakuya's time stop
  • The Melee shoves others into the ground
  • It does not activate Gaster's awakening
  • So far, it's just a meme item
  • This is the most expensive item/spec in the shop.
  • Bullets can now hurt bosses.
  • Does not currently have mobile support.
  • It can bypass Wonder Of U (WoU)


Gun + Cosmic Orb = Fightsabre


  • E + Spam LMB + Spam F (Insta-Kill) [Easy]
  • E + Spam F + E (Loop) [Easy]
  • E + Spam LMB + Spam F + E + R (Loop) [Medium]
  • Spam LMB (From distance), your opponent will mostly always get close to you, R + E + Spam LMB + Spam F (Insta-Kill) [Medium]
  • (Mobile users) Spam E + F while also spamming C to possibly dodge most attacks
  • Spam C (From a good amount of distance) + Jump out of C + Spam LMB (While in air) + Spam C (Run away) + R + Spam LMB + R (Loop until your opponent gets to low HP, then kill him with LMB or Spam F)
  • (Warning, this may be extremely strong but its also really hard to pull off since your enemy is still able to punch you, this will put you on major disadvantage since you have low HP)
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