"Back from the grave."

Obtained by using Cosmic Orb on Reaper

As of 5th December 2020, Reaper's HP has been NERFED from 666, to 500.

This Evolution of Reaper Heals double the amount of HP Regular Reaper can Recover.

(Big Nerf)

(10 HP per second.)

The pose music is a cut version of the song "Bad Apple Full Version"

Name Description
Passive A Gives you 15% buffs If your below 50% health, 5% dmg boost, and 10% walkspeed boost.
Passive B The colour of your scythe will change to the colour of your avatar's torso.
Passive C After getting damaged, you will recover 10 (regular reaper is only 5) health per second.
Passive D All damage deal has a Critical damage rate ( crit = x2 damage )
Passive E Each kill you gain more damage and health.

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Click Swing User swings their scythe. Base damage: 23 per hit 0 sec
E Triple User swings their scythe three times, hitting three times and dealing bleed damage for about 10 seconds

WARNING : Your THIRD attack must hit the enemy to deal 5 waves of 15 damage.

Base damage: 13 damage first 2 hit and 23 damage the last one.

Bleed damage : 85

( 5 times each 15 damage and 10 times each 1 damage)

5 secs
R Lunge User charges a heavy slash at the enemy, hitting twice. Base damage : 63 per hit 7 secs
T Throw User throws their scythe infront of them, hitting a maximum of seven times. Base damage: 13 per hit 5 secs
H Slam User slams their scythe into the ground and creates a large area of spikes. If the User has at least one soul the slam will damage instead of heal. Heals whoever gets hit : 65

Damage: Varies- More souls = More damage output

18 secs
F Slash User throws themself at the enemy and slashes three times. Base damage: 38 per hit 6 secs
C Dodge User frontflips forward. Has a high range. N/A 2.5 secs
Z Dash User dashes forward. Has an unusually high cooldown. N/A 6.5 secs
X Block User holds their scythe infront of themself, halving most damage towards them. N/A 0 sec
Q Counter User takes a pose with their scythe infront of themself. If they are hit, they will teleport behind the attacker. N/A
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