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"How will you deflect all these knives, Jotaro?!" - DIO


Hallow Shadow The World Requiem ( aka HSTWR ) is a reskin of the S+ tier stand Shadow The World Requiem and it is a Unobtainable Stand (coming Back Every Year during halloween).


HSTWR is a Halloween Reskin of STWR with a different color palette, instead of purple it displays neon orange wings, face and arms. It has a different pose from STWR and it does not have the chair while posing with P and it plays a slightly different song, known as Bloom.

This Reskin of STWR does more damage than its original.

How To Obtain

Using Holy Diary on STWR on Halloween.

Full Craft

Stand + Item = New Stand Tier
Human + Arrow (30%) = The World Arrow
The World + Vampire Mask = Vampiric The World C
Vampiric The World + Camera = Shadow The World B
Shadow The World + Cursed Orb = Shadow The World Requiem S+
Shadow The World Requiem + Holy Diary = Hallow Shadow The World Requiem Unobtainable

Passives and Moveset


Passive Name Description
Passive A Bloodlust Halloween Shadow The World Requiem deals True Damage and has 50% life steal on almost all moves, this allows him to negate all types of counters and remain almost unkillable. He also has faster than usual walkspeed.
Passive B Dying Rage As the user loses health, the damage of Halloween Shadow The World Requiem increases, doing more damage in proportion to how low the user's health is.
Passive C Cursed Lightning HSTWR with E and R moves while hitting a target causes chain lightning to strike at every user in range, dealing 15 damage.


Key Move Name Description Damage
LMB Hstwr lmb.gif Requiem Arrows The users protends his arm to shoot 3 orange requiem arrows while shouting MUDA! Arrow:





E Hstwr e.gif Quick Attacks HSTWR goes in front of the user and does 4 punches and a kick to the target in front of him while yelling TODOMEDA! Punch:










R Hstwr r.gif Shadowcut HSTWR goes in front of the user and does a fast cut dealing a huge knockback to the target while yelling "SHINEI!" Downcut:

175 Normal

262! Critical

T Hstwr t.gif Arrow Rain HSTWR goes in front of the user and does a punch, making giant requiem arrows crawl from the ground, also following the user. Arrow:



150! Critical

F Hstwr f.gif Fast Time Stop HSTWR and the user start laughing for about 0.7 seconds and make a 3.5 seconds long time stop. N/A



Hstwr g.gif Requiem Donut HSTWR and the user instantly teleport behind the target the cursor is pointing on with an infinite range of action. Teleport:





H* Hstwr h.gif Scales of Horror Currently broken, the H Key not longer works as the counter neither does, this is the same for HSTWR/STWR (This move has been removed). Chop:





J** Hstwr j.gif Hallow Cursed Orb HSTWR spawns a giant orange cursed orb that will follow the first user it sees and will shoot lightnings at every entity nearby while playing Dio's Amendment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZesmNj2cE4. Lightning:

125 Normal

187! Critical

Z Hstwr z.gif Stand Jump HSTWR and the user do a fairly high stand jump. N/A
X Hstwr x2.gif Block HSTWR goes in front of the user and blocks, reducing the damage taken. N/A
C Hstwr c.gif Dash HSTWR and the user does a light dash, depending where you are facing. N/A



Hstwr v.gif Teleport HSTWR and the user will teleport where the cursor is pointing at with a medium range distance from the starting position.

NOTE: if you are pointing at a living entity you will teleport behind it (mostly in front of it).

P Hstwr cool.gif Pose HSTWR and the user will pose while playing j^p^n - Bloom: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFOY6Hk2KwA. N/A

*Works without stand having to be out | **Works while posing | ?? = put value


Despite it not being a good stand for combos you can still make some easy combos that are going to deal a HUGE amount of damage. Remember that the "(+ Key)" are optional and not needed for the actual combo.

Combos are always going to start with G (but is optional in some); I'm not using H move cause is useless in a combo.

  1. Basic Combo (can use it to attack people infinitely far from you): G + E + R (+ V/C to run away).
  2. Cursed Orb Combo (mostly used with slow enemies): (G/V if he is far away from you +) J (+ F) + R + T.
  3. Advanced Basic Combo: G (+ J) + E (+ F) + R + T.

Remember that these combos can be personally modified to make them easier/better.



  • Does GODLY damage after the buff.
  • Easy to use and not that much skill required.
  • Has VERY GOOD health regeneration.
  • After the buff they made that almost every move can One-Shot any other Stands And Specs.
  • Basically super hard to kill because of the passives that make you regen health when dealing damage.


  • Bad for complex combos.
  • Not that good in a high-ranged battle.
  • Is insanely hard to get, even with trading.
  • You'll often be killed in Time Stop.


  • (Unobtainable Tier List), it is a unobtainable so it will not come back again, until next Halloween.
  • The pose theme that plays for this stand is a pitch-altered version of j^p^n’s song “bloom” (ID for bloom: https://www.roblox.com/library/1253432568.
  • Unlike its Shiny nemesis, this does not require a new item such as present.
  • it is one of the only unob/seasonal unob stands that requires a low tier item for the evolution.


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