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"THIS IS THE GREATEST HALLOWEEN!" —DIO, Gone to the inevitable search of Halloween candy.


Hallow Shadow The World Requiem ( aka HSTWR ) is a reskin of the S+ tier stand Shadow The World Requiem and it is a Seasonal/Yearly Unobtainable Stand (coming back every year during Halloween).


HSTWR is a Halloween Reskin of STWR with a different color palette, instead of purple it displays neon orange wings, face and arms. It has a different pose from STWR and it does not have the chair while posing with P and it plays a slightly different song, known as Bloom.

How To Obtain (Attainability)

New Obtainment Method

The new obtainment method for HSTWR is unknown because the Holy Diary was removed, but it'll come back soon.

Old Obtainment Method

HSTWR was obtained by using a Holy Diary on Shadow The World Requiem.

(Old) Full Craft
Standless + Stand Arrow = The World
The World + Vampire Mask = Vampiric The World
Vampiric The World + Camera = Shadow The World/Shadow DIO

Shadow The World/Shadow DIO + Cursed Orb = Shadow The World Requiem

Shadow The World Requiem + Holy Diary = Hallow Shadow The World Requiem


Keybind Name Description Damage Cooldown
Q Stand Summon The user summons Shadow The World Requiem whilst saying "Za Warudo!", and laughs shortly afterwards. None 3 Seconds
LMB/Click STWR LMB Combo Shadow The World Requiem releases a few punches that deal 8 Damage, whilst aggressively yelling out "Muda"; after landing the first few hits, you'll land a even stronger punch which deals 25 Damage. 8 Damage (First Few Hits)

25 Damage (Final Hit)

E + Hold Shadow Barrage Shadow The World Requiem performs a rapid barrage, with the first punches dealing 1 Damage, and a heavy punch at the end of the barrage which deals 35 Damage + Knockback. 1 Damage (Barrage), 35 Damage (Final Hit) 8 Seconds
R Shadow Heavy Punch Shadow The World Requiem releases a heavy punch, dealing 40 Damage + Strong Knockback 40 Damage 7 Seconds
T Arrow Guard Shadow The World Requiem summons 5 Arrows, hitting nearby enemies. Can be used mid-stun as well. 10 Damage per arrow 10 Seconds
F Shadow's Timestop Shadow The World Requiem and its user perform an animated pose, whilst yelling "Za Warudo! Toki wo tomare!", stopping time for 6 seconds. N/A 30 Seconds
Y Cursed/Shadow Knives The user holds out 2 Knives in each hand, and afterwards throwing them two-by-two. 20 Damage (Each Knife hit) 4.5 Seconds
H Shadow's Energy Shadow The World Requiem charges up a powerful dark energy force in front of its user, upon release it will deal AOE Damage. The damage depends on how long you've charged it for and you can move while charging it, but slow walk-speed AOE Damage (20.18 - 50.14) 11.5 Seconds
G Ground Slam Shadow The World Requiem moves out in front of its user, then slams the ground whilst saying "Muda!" twice, and leaving a cracked/damaged mark on the ground for a few seconds, and knock-backing nearby enemies back and dealing good damage. AOE Damage (45 Damage)
V Teleportation Teleports you to where your cursor is located. N/A 10 Seconds
P Pose The user backflips onto their purple chair, playing DIO's Amendment on an infinite loop. (Chair is bugged ATM.) N/A None





  • Does GODLY damage after the buff.
  • Easy to use and not that much skill required.
  • Has VERY GOOD health regeneration.
  • After the buff they made that almost every move can One-Shot any other Stands And Specs.
  • Basically super hard to kill because of the passives that make you regen health when dealing damage.


  • Bad for complex combos.
  • Not that good in a high-ranged battle.
  • Is insanely hard to get, even with trading.
  • You'll often be killed in Time Stop.


  • (Unobtainable Tier List), it is a unobtainable so it will not come back again, until next Halloween.
  • The pose theme that plays for this stand is a pitch-altered version of j^p^n’s song “bloom” (ID for bloom: https://www.roblox.com/library/1253432568.
  • Unlike its Shiny nemesis, this does not require a new item such as present.
  • it is one of the only unob/seasonal unob stands that requires a low tier item for the evolution.
  • HSTWR in Old Universe had a different pose from STWR.
  • For some unknown reason's HSTWR pose music is replaced by its regular counter part (Shadow The World Requiem) instead of his regular music "bloom"