“How will you deflect all these knives, Jotaro?!” - DIO


Hallow Shadow The World Requiem ( aka HSTWR ) is a reskin of the S+ tier stand Shadow The World Requiem and it is a Unobtainable Stand.


HSTWR is a Volcanic Reskin of STWR with neon on wings, face and arms, it has a different pose from STWR and it does not have the chair while posing with P and it plays a slightly different song

This Reskin of STWR does more damage than its original.

How To Obtain

Full Craft

Stand + Item = New Stand Tier
Human + Arrow (30%) = The World Arrow
The World + Vampire Mask = Vampiric The World C
Vampiric The World + Camera = Shadow The World B
Shadow The World + Cursed Orb = Shadow The World Requiem S+
Shadow The World Requiem + Holy Diary = Hallow Shadow The World Requiem Unobtainable

Passives and Moveset


Passive Name Description
Passive A Bloodlust Halloween Shadow The World Requiem deals True Damage and has 50% life steal on almost all moves, this allows him to negate all types of counters and remain almost unkillable. He also has faster than usual walkspeed.
Passive B Dying Rage As the user loses health, the damage of Halloween Shadow The World Requiem increases, doing more damage in proportion to how low the user's health is.
Passive C Cursed Lightning HSTWR with E and R moves while hitting a target shoots a lightning at every user in a certain area dealing 15 damage.


Key Move Name Description Damage
LMB Hstwr lmb.gif Requiem Arrows The users protends his arm to shoot 3 orange requiem arrows while shouting MUDA! Arrow:





E Hstwr e.gif Quick Attacks HSTWR goes in front of the user and does 4 punches and a kick to the target in front of him while yelling TODOMEDA! Punch:










R Hstwr r.gif Shadowcut HSTWR goes in front of the user and does a fast cut dealing a huge knockback to the target while yelling "SHINEI!" Downcut:

175 Normal

262! Critical

T Hstwr t.gif Arrow Rain HSTWR goes in front of the user and does a punch, making giant requiem arrows crawl from the ground, also following the user Arrow:



150! Critical

F Hstwr f.gif Fast Time Stop HSTWR and the user start laughing for about 0.7 seconds and make a 3.5 seconds long time stop N/A



Hstwr g.gif Requiem Donut HSTWR and the user instantly teleport behind the target the cursor is pointing on with an infinite range of action Teleport:





H* Hstwr h.gif Scales of Horror Currently broken, the H Key not longer works as the counter neither does, this is the same for HSTWR/STWR.

(This move has been removed)






J** Hstwr j.gif Hallow Cursed Orb HSTWR spawns a giant orange cursed orb that will follow the first user it sees and will shoot lightnings at every entity nearby while playing Dio's Amendment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZesmNj2cE4 Lightning:

125 Normal

187! Critical

Z Hstwr z.gif Stand Jump HSTWR and the user do a fairly high stand jump N/A
X Hstwr x2.gif Block HSTWR goes in front of the user and blocks, reducing the damage taken N/A
C Hstwr c.gif Dash HSTWR and the user dash N/A



Hstwr v.gif Teleport HSTWR and the user will teleport where the cursor is pointing at with a medium range distance from the starting position

NOTE: if you are pointing at a living entity you will teleport behind it (mostly in front of it)

P Hstwr cool.gif Pose HSTWR and the user will pose while playing j^p^n - Bloom: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFOY6Hk2KwA N/A

*Works without stand having to be out | **Works while posing | ?? = put value


Despite it not being a good stand for combos you can still make some easy combos that are going to deal a HUGE amount of damage. Remember that the "(+ Key)" are optional and not needed for the actual combo.

Combos are always going to start with G (but is optional in some); I'm not using H move cause is useles in a combo.

  1. Basic Combo (can use it to attack people infinitely far from you): G + E + R (+ V/C to run away)
  2. Cursed Orb Combo (mostly used with slow enemies): (G/V if he is far away from you +) J (+ F) + R + T
  3. Advanced Basic Combo: G (+ J) + E (+ F) + R + T

Remember that these combos can be personally modified to make them easier/better.



  • Does GODLY damage after the buff.
  • Easy to use and not that much skill required.
  • Has VERY GOOD health regeneration.
  • After the buff they made that almost every move can One-Shot any other Stands And Specs.
  • Basically unkillable because of the passives that make you regen health when dealing damage.


  • Bad for complex combos.
  • Not that good in a high-ranged battle.
  • Is insanely hard to get, even with trading.

  • You'll often be killed in Time Stop.


  • (Unobtainable Tier List), it is a unobtainable so it will not come back again. Until next Halloween.
  • The pose theme that plays for this stand is a pitch-altered version of j^p^n’s song “bloom” (ID for bloom: https://www.roblox.com/library/1253432568.
  • Unlike its Shiny nemesis, this does not require a new item such as present


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