"OH MY GOD!" - A line frequently said by Joseph Joestar in Part 3.

How to Obtain

This is a stand obtained by using Camera on Hamon.


Q/E Vine Swing Pulls the player to where the mouse was aimed, also can be used to pull players towards you.
R Overdrive Vine Grab Grabs the target, and throws them away using Hamon and Hermit Purple.
T Hamon Bottlecap User flings the cap off of a soda using Hamon, and drinks the soda. (You get healed.)
G Pose User poses with Hermit Purple. (currently broken)
F Spirit Photo Puts an overlay on the screen to look like a developing photo. (semi broken, does not work consistently)
C The Secret Technique Of The Joestars User runs away, whilst screaming "NIGERUNDAYO, SMOKEY!"


Currently, Hermit Purple only has one quote.

  • "OH MY GOD!"


Easy E / Q + R
Medium E + Q + R + T
Hard E + Q + Click + R + Click during throw animation x 2 then after throw animation + C + T

Fun Facts
1. When you're underwater you can grapple to the water.

1. You can launch someone by throwing someone while posing. (hermit purple's pose was removed so this no longer works )
2. If you autoclick and spam G, you essentially start a glitch Barrage that is extremely OP and can kill someone in a few seconds. (hermit purple's pose was removed so this no longer works )
3. During TS you can still use moves on people and things. When TS ends All DMG and Grapple you did during the stopped time will happen.
4 This stand in incredibly buggy and has a absolutely broken punch hitbox

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