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"H-How...? No one can just deflect the Emerald Splash!" - Noriaki Kakyoin


Hierophant Green (ハイエロファントグリーン(法皇の緑) Haierofanto Gurīn) is the Stand of Noriaki Kakyoin, featured in Stardust Crusaders. Hierophant Green is an elastic and remote Stand, capable of being deployed far away from its user and performing actions from a distance. Kakyoin has possessed this Stand since birth.

Hierophant Green is the very first Long-Distance Stand shown in the series, and it has a large number of abilities to assist it in combat and scouting. However, the Stand is relatively weak in direct hand-to-hand combat, as a trade-off for its great distance-based abilities.


R - Strong Punch HG winds up its fist and deals a strong blow. 25 Damage
T - Emerald Splash HG uses it's signature attack, by shooting many projectiles out of it's hands. 5 Damage Per Emerald
F - "Take this, DIO! 20 Meter Emerald Splash!" HG winds up for some time, and finally releases a devastating amount of projectiles. 5 Damage Per Emerald
C - Roll This is a normal roll that is shared with many other stands. None
Z - Stand Jump HG and the user quickly skyrocket into the air. None

Note: This stand's HP increased from 325 HP to 450