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Hollow is a boss in the AUT Halloween Update. It has 100% Health, same as DIO’s Health, but the health bar will decrease a bit slower then DIO’s. You need to do a minimum of 100 damage to him to get rewarded. His former health was 1,500, now it's decreased to 1,000.


5% - Pumpkin

1% - Any of the 5 skins

90% - Nothing

Spawning and animation

The Hollow boss can only be summoned by with a cursed orb at an altar in the Devil's Palm. Unlike Umbra, it does not need a Cursed Orb and a Tales of The Universe.

Hollow spawns by rising from the ground at a rapid speed and flying into the air, making a white beam occur, afterwards landing onto the ground with his two legs.

Appearance (WIP)

Hollow appears as a more substantial size than DIO, who is the average height of a regular R6 Roblox avatar. Hollow’s head is covered with a skull helmet. Which glows purple in the inside, a black cape with yellow outlines.



  • Hollow is the third boss to be added into The New Universe, the second boss being Umbra, and the first boss being DIO (Boss). (DIO boss was always in A Universal Time).
  • There is also a pity system for the drops of this boss where if you dont get anything after 5 times, you are guaranteed to get a drop.