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About the game:

A Universal time is based on [JoJo's Bizarre adventure] written by Hirohiko Araki. The game is centered around many fanbases and fandoms example: Undertale, X!Tale, Dragon Ball and possibly Glitchtale. There are also other fanbases in the game, and each fanbase has been molded into a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure game.

Game Links:

Trading Discord | Main Discord


trading server inside




the game



pre order the emote pack






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7) If you wanna make a custom stand concept, please make one at your own blog posts, the posts where all the other posts are, and make one at this page: Stands and Specs We Want In AUT.

Q & A

Ask your questions here and it will (most likely) be answered by me or another Universal Member!

this is the format

Q: Is the goku spec (not mui) staying unob or is unob?

A: No, is being deleted.

Q: Is Cake Platinum, dj noob or noob platinum coming back?

A: No, they are staying unobtainable forever. They can only be obtained by trading.

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