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funny hollow knight spec wooo

Daughter of Hallownest

ok so basically page gone because there is an actual Hornet spec in AUT (She was released to that one person who made this page originally).

Hornet is one of Alu's personal specs and it's pretty much the same thing as the ingame version.

If I remember from what Alu said, Hornet has 50 masks (It could be the same amount as Pure Vessel but no idea.)

another moveset:

  • Lunge: Hornet lunges forward with her needle in front of her.
  • Aerial Lunge: Hornet jumps in the air before aiming at the Knight and rushing downwards.
  • Gossamer Storm: Hornet unleashes an area-of-effect attack centred on herself, using her thread to slice into anything around her. This attack can be done in the air.
  • Throw: Hornet throws her needle forward, then pulls it back. The range of this attack is slightly smaller than the width of the battlefield. The needle can damage the Knight on the way back.
    • This (Along with Lunge) can be used for mobility and getting around the map faster.
  • Music: one of the keys play her Pantheon of Hallownest theme.

None of these moves have cooldown.

Her moveset is her Hornet Protector Moveset (1st Hornet Fight).

Alu's note: this may be obtainable in the future if Hollow Knight: Silksong is released.