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Hornet Nest is an object that spawns around map landmarks used to get the Stand, Wonder Of U (WoU). It spawns every 10 minutes with a 20% chance. You have a 25% chance of actually getting the stands, meaning a 1/20 chance every 10 minutes in theory. You also need to be a Standless to get it so you need to hurry.

Despawns 5 Minutes After Spawn. This is now removed from the game.

Spawns we known So Far.

  • Italy behind Café.
  • In the middle of the arena.
  • Cell Games At Colosseum. (Near Jesus, the middle, and around it.)
  • Morioh Train Station.
  • Mountains on Morioh.


Hornet nest is yellow in a round shape with bumps sticking out of it.

Get's Announced when this spawns in the chat.