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"Put a quote here, make it bold and italic. Use page titles. Then insert the name of the person who said it." - English Name (Japanese Name, Japanese Text of their name)


This is the part where you summarize the stand. For example you could talk what part the stand is from in the JOJO series; or you could talk about its ingame uses. For example "the [stand name] is a fast long range stand that is mainly used to fight from a distant."


This is the part of the page where you describe a stand or item's appearance. For example "ACT1 resembles a small, neotenous animal. Its head is of equal or slightly greater size than its body, and it floats with two short, vague, and inarticulate arms and one such leg. Its posterior is marked somewhat irregularly by small stars, behind which dark circles radiate to their points; while four tendrils droop from the base of its trunk to the approximate length of its leg, bearing heart shapes." Other things like describing a stand's idle state should be put in.

Spawn Rates (Optional)

Only use this if it’s an item. You can write in the following:

(Item name) spawns every (seconds/minutes) with (chance, usually a fraction).


This is the part of the article where you talk about how an item, stand, or spec is obtain. Your format should mainly look like this.

Make sure to add the chance to the end, and for items that will always give a stand add a "(100% chance)


If you are unsure about the probability of obtaining an abilty put in a ¨est¨


For Abilities/items with special obtaining circumstance place in what the special circumstance is


Long crafting process for a stand should be done like this (Crafting process for STWR)


Make sure to link all the item/abilties. Do not use acronyms in the Obtainilty part, state its full name instead.

Moveset and Passives

Passive Passive Name Description
Passive A Example Passive Use this part of the moveset table to describe a passive
Keybind Move Description Damage DPS Cooldown
E Example Rush Use this part to describe an keybind move 30 (knowledge)

15 per hit (barrage)

75 DPS N/A


The ¨evolution¨ is a section that shows what the ability/item can turn or evolve in to

formatting is same as the Obatinblity section


  • Gold Experience + Requiem Arrow = Golden Experience Requiem (83% chance)

Pros & Cons


  • Format it like this
  • NEVER add opinions


  • You can also put in glitches (optional).


  • Make sure to use them like this
  • Add some extra info here, that is usually not very important.


Add an image here, make sure to use images from left, center, then to the right, heres an example. You can also add captions for additional info.




Categories (The bottom of the page) can usually link to somethings. If you put in “Undertale” in 2 Undertale specs, it will both link to them if you click that category.