"That arrow looks dangerous."

- Normal Human


Obtained by going to a NPC Called Pucci that can reset your stand to standless, or human, or playing the game for the first time.

This is the MOST Common spec in game, due every new player, will be without a stand for their 1st time playing until they not use An Arrow/Gift of the Gods/Admin Arrow/True Requiem Arrow or buy something from Akira's Bizarre Shop on this spec to get a stand. (Note: Some Stands are temporarily being reworked and broken.)



With this passive, you are able to gain Specs or become a Stand user.

(LMB) Punch: You will do a small punch that will deal little 11 damage and no knockback.

(R) Strong Punch: This standless move will launch the opponent far and will deal 22 damage.

(C) Dash: The character will dash in the direction of where you are facing. (Some of the best dash in the games)

(X) Block: You are able to block.


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