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Jesus is the NPC that grants the player Tusk Act 3 upon using Tusk Act 2's Awakening while at low health. He has an entirely blue body with eyes covered by a crown of thorns. He has a small chance of spawning.

Jesus can also be used to evolve Star Platinum into Sol. When killing DIO while having Star Platinum equipped, a window saying "Do you wish to know the cosmos?" will appear, along with Jesus behind you. Pressing "Yes" will give you the quest "Creation of the cosmos". Alternatively, if you have completed the quest already and have Tales Of The Universe in your inventory (not necessary in hand), then press "Yes", you will gain Sol.


While using Tusk Act 2, get to low health (usually by losing health from other players, the Punching Akira_DEV dummy, or Devil's Palm). Your health must be below at least 150 then use H. With a LOT of luck, Jesus will appear behind you and give you Tusk Act 3.

When you finish off DIO with Star Platinum he'll appear behind you.

Obtainment Method:

1% chance of obtaining Tusk Act 3

100% Of obtaining the "Creation of the cosmos" quest if "Yes" is pressed.

100% Of getting Sol if you have Star Platinum and Tales Of The Universe and "Yes" is pressed.


  • Jesus is commonly called 'Jebus' in-game as Jesus is moderated by Roblox.
  • Jesus is the only NPC in the game that levitates in the air.
  • Jesus is the first NPC in the game who doesn't exist on the map normally or appears after some time. To make him appear you need to do certain actions, second being Shenron.
  • Jesus can only be used by the player who triggered his appearance. No matter what, players can't access a Jesus NPC which they didn't trigger.
  • Jesus is blue for unknown reasons.However,It might be to represent the fact that Jesus had a rather shadowed appearance in Part 7 of the Jojos Bizarre Adventure Manga.