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"It has, truly, been a roundabout path..." —Johnny Joestar


Johnny Joestar is the main protagonist of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 7: Steel Ball Run franchise, he is one of the participant at Steel Ball Run race. He gives the quest to obtain Tusk Act 2.


A quest giver for evolving from TA1 to TA2.

The Quest

  • Glide around the map around 10 minutes/600 seconds

When finishing the quest, you do not have to talk to Johnny and you just need to press "[" or "]" in order to swap Acts.


  • He is the stand user of Tusk.
  • His quest works in the Ultra Rapid-Fire/One For All gamemode.
  • He has two spawn locations; 1. Nearby Train Station B There He rests.
  • Talking to him without Tusk act 1 will trigger the same dialogue as Gyro, and you will be able to give the eye of the saint to him in exchange for Tusk Act 4 as well.