"I can’t beat the shit out of you without getting closer."

- Jotaro Kujo (Kūjō Jōtarō, Stardust Crusaders.)


Jotaro's Star Platinum is the evolved non-canon version of Star Platinum. It seems to be wearing a mask that completely covers its face, it is mostly black and blue with yellow wrists and fingerless gloves.

Obtained by using a Cosmic Orb on Star Platinum.


Key Move Description Damage Cooldown
Passive A Time stop movement Jotaro's Star Platinum and the User are able to move in stop time N/A N/A
E (Hold) Star Barrage Jotaro's Star Platinum punches consecutively and shouting "ORA!" for about 6 seconds, dealing damage. 10-normal


4 Seconds
R Star Punch Jotaro's Star Platinum punches the opponent while shouting "ORA!!", dealing high damage and moderate amount of knockback. 50 7 Seconds
T Cosmic Overwrite Jotaro's Star Platinum charges a powerful punch which rewrites reality while shouting a distorted "ORA!", dealing high damage. 74 13 Seconds


Heal Others Jotaro's Star Platinum punches in rapid succesion for 8 Seconds, healing others. Heals 8 health per hit 12 Seconds
Y + B


Heal Self Jotaro's Star Platinum Punches the user in rapid succesion for 8 Seconds, Healing the user. Heals 8 health per hit 25 Seconds
F Star Platinum, Za Warudo! Jotaro's Star Platinum Stop Time for 5 Seconds. N/A 30 Seconds
H Flash Ground Slam Jotaro's Star Platinum slams the ground, dealing damage in a radius. 64 8 Seconds
V Teleportation Jotaro's Star Platinum Teleport to the location pointed by the mouse. N/A 3.7 seconds


F + E (Easy)

F + E + R (Easy)

F + E + R + T (Medium)



  • It's easier to obtain than DTW.
  • Its Y move can easily heal other people.
  • Can move in timestop


  • It relies on time stop.
  • It has slow speed.
  • Unlike DTW, it cannot guarantee a kill on a max souls Reaper, even using time stop.
  • No LONGER does true damage as of 2/01/2021
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