"I can’t beat the shit out of you without getting closer."

- Jotaro Kujo (Kūjō Jōtarō, Stardust Crusaders.)


Jotaro's Star Platinum (/承太郎のスタープラチナ Shōtarō no sutāpurachina) also known as JSP for short to the majority of the player base, is the evolved non-canon and buffed version of Star Platinum. Jotaro's Star Platinum is a close-ranged stand (Below 10 Meters) away from its user, and based off of Star Platinum, a canon stand shown from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Part 3: Stardust Crusaders.

Jotaro's Star Platinum was the first rarest stand until Shadow The World Requiem's Rarity increased and took over.


It seems to be wearing a mask that completely covers its face, it is mostly black and blue with yellow wrists and fingerless gloves.


Jotaro's Star Platinum is obtained by finding and using a Cosmic Orb on Star Platinum.


Passive Name Description
Passive A Time Stop Movement Jotaro's Star Platinum and the User are able to move in stop time
Passive B Purest Power Jotaro's Star Platinum is at it's truest form, allowing it to do true damage on all attacks, and bypassing some counters.


Key Move in Action Move Description Damage Cooldown
E (Hold) 62B077F1-A6EA-461C-88EF-D99D3763BDB4.gif Star Barrage Jotaro's Star Platinum punches consecutively and shouting "ORA!" for about 6 seconds, dealing damage. 10-normal


4 Seconds
R 936D1F1B-D6DE-4334-B681-131FB4143374.gif Star Punch Jotaro's Star Platinum punches the opponent while shouting "ORA!", dealing high damage and moderate amount of knockback. 50 7 Seconds
T AAF8EF16-8589-41EB-8A2D-2D51E131AB97.gif Cosmic Overwrite Jotaro's Star Platinum charges a powerful punch which rewrites reality while shouting a distorted "ORA!", dealing high damage. 74 13 Seconds


40E654C5-250B-4C12-870B-C19EC270CB7D.gif Heal Others Jotaro's Star Platinum punches in rapid succesion for 8 Seconds, healing others. Heals 8 health per hit 12 Seconds
Y + B


30A47D9D-A1AA-4CE5-9839-5AFAFEA5ADFA.gif Heal Self Jotaro's Star Platinum Punches the user in rapid succesion for 8 Seconds, Healing the user. Heals 8 health per hit 25 Seconds
F C1B21C1E-A4F1-4A3E-8760-643290914606.gif Star Platinum, Za Warudo! Jotaro's Star Platinum Stop Time for 5 Seconds. N/A 30 Seconds
H 1B75BC74-4E86-4C49-B735-9DF8DB918CE7.gif Flash Ground Slam Jotaro's Star Platinum slams the ground, dealing damage in a radius. 64 8 Seconds
V 8B23E3D8-514E-4C9A-A5A8-221868E4DA31.gif Teleportation Jotaro's Star Platinum Teleport to the location pointed by the mouse. N/A 3.7 seconds


F + E (Easy)

F + E + R (Easy)

F + E + R + T (Medium)



  • It's easier to obtain than DTW.
  • Its Y move can easily heal other people.
  • Can move in timestop


  • It relies on time stop.
  • It has slow speed.
  • Unlike DTW, it cannot guarantee a kill on a max souls Reaper, even using time stop.
  • No LONGER does true damage as of 2/01/2021
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