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"You pissed me off almost as much he did..." —Jotaro Kujo P6


Requirements: Unknown as of now

Talk to Jotaro at the Alleyway, and you will be presented with dialogues which currently do nothing and is speculated to evolve your stand in the future.


Jotaro Kujo:

"Hey kid, Did you finish the first part of the quest?"

If the player presses "Yes" Jotaro Kujo will say,

"Alright, here is the last part of your task. Finish it and get your reward."

A new dialogue will appear saying,

"Come back again when you complete the first quest!"

If the player presses "No" the dialogue box will close.


  • This NPC currently does nothing and a identical NPC is Jotaro Kujo (NPC).
  • There used to be a bug where the quest pop-up wouldn't disappear and players would need to rejoin to make it disappear.