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"Jolyne! I only came here to get you out!" —Jotaro Kujo P6


Requirements: Star Platinum, Mysterious Hat

Talk to Jotaro, just outside of Station A, then do his quest. Once you've completed it talk to him again, and you will be awarded with Star Platinum: The World.


Jotaro Kujo: Hey, I'm Jotaro Kujo, a stand user. If you have a stand like mine, I can train you to evolve it.

Player Options: Ok. & Sorry, goodbye.

If the player presses "Ok." without a Mysterious Hat equipped, then they won't get the quest unless they equip the Mysterious Hat and talk to him.

Jotaro Kujo (If you pressed Ok without a Mysterious Hat): Well, you're going to need a stand like mine, and a form of payment. I left something precious to me around here somewhere, maybe if you had that...

Player Options: Hmm. Okay.