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"Jolyne! I only came here to get you out!" —Jotaro Kujo P6


Requirements: Star Platinum, Mysterious Hat

Talk to Jotaro at the tree, then do his quest. Once completed, talk to him again, and you will be awarded with Star Platinum: The World.


Jotaro Kujo: Hey, I'm Jotaro Kujo, a stand user. If you have a stand like mine, I can train you to evolve it.

Player Options: Ok. & Sorry, goodbye.

If the player presses "Ok." without a Mysterious Hat equipped, then they won't get the quest unless they equip the Mysterious Hat and talk to him.

Jotaro Kujo (If you pressed Ok without a Mysterious Hat): Well, you're going to need a stand like mine, and a form of payment. I left something precious to me around here somewhere, maybe if you had that...

Player Options: Hmm. Okay.