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Killer Queen

"Killer Queen can erase anyone at any time. For, you see, Killer Queen's power is to turn anything it touches into a bomb." —Yoshikage Kira


Killer Queen (キラークイーン Kirākuīn), is the stand of a Japan Serial Killer in the small town of Morioh Cho named Yoshikage Kira in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Part 4: Diamond Is Unbreakable. It's ability is to turn anything, like a 100 yen coin, into a bomb. Since Killer Queen shares no emotions, it is a serious stand to inspect.

In Old AUT, KQ was removed due to having assets from A Bizarre Day in its coding, so it had to be removed. But since it was removed, its 2 evolutions stayed in the game, but were unobtainable because you couldn't get Killer Queen anymore.

How To Obtain (Attainability)

Killer Queen is obtained by using Stand Arrow on Standless.{Chance}


The stand is a humanoid stand , but its head looks like a cat, this has a meaning though, because its stand user, Yoshikage Kira, wanted to have a quiet life with no interruptions, just like a cat, living its life. Killer Queen has no gender.

It has gloves with its iconic skulls on them, including Killer Queen's shoulder pads, tt has a cat like face, but it doesn't really have any emotion, It has a cloth around its hips, within the middle of the cloth, it has its iconic skull’s, face, its pink, and it has red eyes with purple pupils, It wears sandals.


Killer Queen is all round stand that feels great in both long and short range giving high presure on opponents with its controllable Bubble Bomb and Sheer Heart Attack with an opportunity to deal 200+ damage combos and heals itself from heavy injury, making this stand a great option for players that love rush down characters.


Stand Off Moveset
Keybind Move Name Description Damage Cooldown
KQ Stand Off E.gif
Uppercut User dashes forward and strikes the enemy with their fist breaking the opponent's nose and making them bleed for 5 seconds. 25 Hit +

1 Bleed Damage

30 In total

5 Sec.
KQ Stand Off R.gif
Punch Bomb User slightly punches the opponent placing a bomb on them and summoning Killer Queen right after to detonate it. 4.5 Hit +

40 Explosion


8 Sec.
KQ Stand Off F.gif
Face Slam User grabs the opponent and smashes their face on the ground several times, with a very bloody effect.

[This move has a delay in about a second between pressing the button and actual grab]

52.5 Damage 12 Sec

Keybind Move Name Description Damage Cooldown
KQ E.gif
Barrage Killer Queen does a short 1.5-second barrage. This barrage deflects small on-coming projectiles like bearing balls. Killer Queen also barrages almost instantly, making the barrage good for surprise attacks. Deals 1.2 damage per hit, pulls in the opponent slightly. Hold down the E key to do the full barrage. Based on the Shigechi encounter. 1.2 Damage

33.6 In total

6 Sec.
KQ R.gif
Primary Bomb Killer Queen brings down it's hand in a chop-like motion and turns whoever it touches into a bomb. This makes them into a bomb, marked with a faint red glow and Killer Queen icon above their head marking them being a bomb which only can be seen by the User. 40 Damage from explosion 8 Sec
KQ R+R.gif
Detonate/Switch On By pressing R again, a controlled explosion exerts from the target, dealing good damage and knockback to them and same amount in explosion radius to everyone else the User themselves.
KQ T.gif
Yen Toss Killer Queen flicks a small yen coin to wherever your cursor is pointed, and explodes on contact; if it misses then it can be manually detonated for the same damage. 40 Damage 8 Sec.
KQ Y.gif
Stray Cat Bubble Bomb Killer Queen unleashes stray cat from it's abdomen to unleash a bubble with it being marked as a bomb. The bubble moves only in a straight line from a direction user face, however it can be redirected with the U and Y buttons, this will make bubble turn clockwise or counter clockwise by 90 degrees. It can be manually detonated by R or instantly explode if it hits any sort of obstacle such as a wall or an opponent (Note: Y makes the bubble faster and U makes it slower) 45 Damage 25 Sec.
KQ F.gif
Bites The Dust Killer Queen plants its third ability, "Bites The Dust" on their opponent to enter the user's eye and explode them from the inside and rewind time by a bit whilst healing the user and playing a cutscene. It supposedly damages players around the target.

On the receiver's screen, a small Killer Queen can be seen on their screen.

This move can be canceled while start up by simply damaging the User.

+150 HP heal 120 Sec.
KQ G.gif
Escape Plan Killer Queen raises it's arm, then brings it down and slices off the opponent's hand cleanly. This stuns them in place momentarily. Deals an initial 20 damage, but it deals an extra 5 bleed damage. 20 Damage + 5 Bleed Damage 15 Sec.
KQ H.gif
Sheer Heart Attack The User kneels down and places Sheer Heart Attack which automatically tracks down opponents and explodes them instantly, dealing good damage and knockback. Sheer Heart Attack can be manually exploded by pressing for a second time. 35 Damage + Strong Knockback 75 Sec.
P Pose User poses

Music: Killer (Yoshikage Kira's Theme)- From JJBA Part 4 Diamond Is Unbreakable

2 Sec.



Most of the combos starts with: "3 LMB, Barrage, 3 LMB,G" Then it can goes into different variations
3 LMB, Barrage, 3 LMB, G, Unsummon stand, F. 200~ damage

3 LMB, Barrage, 3 LMB, G, R, 3 LMB, Unsummon stand, E-R(Press both at the same time (not recommended as it is movestacking)).

3 LMB, Barrage, G, 3 LMB, R, 3 LMB, R.

3 LMB, Barrage, 3 LMB, G, F.


  • Killer Queen's own bombs can do damage if you are too close to them.
  • Killer Queen’s localized name is Deadly Queen, and for Bites The Dust, it’s ‘Deadly Queen: Bites The Dust’. For Sheer Heart Attack, it’s ‘Heart Attack’.
  • Killer Queen's G does bleed damage.
  • Other Stand Projectiles can explode Stray Cat's Bubble.
  • Killer Queen was planned to have a Bites The Dust Mode moveset, but as we've seen in the New Universe Leaks on Killer Queen, we only saw regular Killer Queen's moveset and it's Bites The Dust ability, so BTD Mode was probably forgotten or cancelled. Either way, Killer Queen might get a BTD Evolution.
  • Timestop Stands can cancel Killer Queen’s Bites The Dust Move.
  • NOTE: When using Eye of Tiger skin, the R move voiceline changed, its now "Imada!" (Now!) instead of "Daichi no Bakudan" (First Bomb)

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