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"I'm so tired of killing... I just want to be a kid. Hanging out, doing stuff with Gon. That's it." —Killua


Killua is an character spec from Hunter X Hunter.

How To Obtain (Attainability)

Use an item called Yo-Yo on Standless (Yoyo Can be obtained from the quest from the Killua NPC at the beach).

The quest is:

  • Use Arrow 15 times
  • Deal 12500 Damage
  • Dash 125 times
  • Take 8000 Damage
  • Endure the way of Yakuza for 850 Seconds (Standless H move, can only be used when 150 HP or lower)
  • Successfully Counter with Brawler’s Instinct 100 times (Standless V Move)

Only when the quest is finished, will you be given the Yo-yo automatically.


Passive Description
Passive A - Killer Instincts Naturally being the heir to the Zoldyck throne means being subjected to intense training and torture. Due to your incredible reaction time, you have a 15% resistance to projectiles, alongside having an immunity to any debuffs that deal damage overtime because as said in the anime in one of the first episodes, Killua is immune to poison and possibly other stuff.
Passive B - Godspeed Godspeed only stays active while inside of your godspeed mode. You have an increased walk speed compared to other stands or specs, the second fastest walkspeed. You also have increased jump height, but decreased defense (more damage from others).

Assassin Mode/Moveset

Keybind Move Description Damage Cooldown
Q Otherwordly Aura Killua says "I've seen enough to know that you tick me off", as music plays in the background. This move boosts all damage output created by Killua's other moves. Lasts 25 seconds. Boosts all move damage 50 Seconds
E The Snake Awakens Killua rapidly slashes the target using his assassin abilities. 3 Damage per hit, 78 in total. 11 Seconds
R No Mercy Killua dashes forward. If anybody stands in the range of the dash and makes contact with him, Killua will produce electricity from his palms and shock the target's chest. During God-Speed, this move will move with lighting charge instead of a dash, it is unknown if this is just cosmetic but it may give better range. 18 and 24 damage, 42 damage in total. 11 Seconds
T Thunderbolt Killua charges up electricity, then releases it from his palm towards the direction he is facing, creating a lightning bolt that explodes around 12 studs in front of him. If Killua uses this move while airborne, he will do a mid-air flip and send down a lightning bolt from his palm that explodes directly below him. 30 Damage if hit 8 Seconds
Y Rhythm Echo Killua creates 4 clones/afterimages of himself (2 on the left and 2 on the right). If point your cursor on one of the clones and click Y again, you will swap with the clone. Duration: 3/4 Seconds 7 Seconds
G Godspeed Activates Passive B - Godspeed (also plays music in the background). This will move your movement speed and jump height, but decreases your defense against enemies (enemy moves deal more damage). Additionally, some of your attacks will happen faster or be changed in a way. Thunderbolt will trigger faster, Instant Death and No Mercy use Speed of Lightning teleportation instead of dashing, Speed of Lightning's teleportation range will be doubled, and Onslaught will have it's wind up animation reduced. None 50 Seconds
H Onslaught Killua charges his entire body with electricity while saying "This Is All Just One Big Fit Of Rage." and teleports in front of him. If anybody stands in the teleport's trajectory, he will rapidly throw out punches/slashes infused with electricity at the target and finishes the animation by slamming the target onto the ground and sending them flying. 54 Damage 15 Seconds
F Instant Death Killua dashes forward silently. If anybody stands in the range of the dash, Killua will take the target's heart out. When used in his Godspeed state, Killua instantly teleports forward, simultaneously taking out the target's heart in a flash of lightning. During God-Speed, this move will move with lighting charge instead of a dash, IDK if this is just cosmetic but I think it gives like 25%-75% better range. 70-80 Damage 15 Seconds
V Speed of Lightning Teleports you forward 5 studs in the direction you're facing. None 2.5 Seconds



  • Starter Combo - The Snake Awakens (E) + 3X Hits with Sharpened Nails (M1/LMB) + No Mercy (R) + 3X Hits with Sharpened Nails (M1/LMB) + Instant Death (F) + 2X Hits with Sharpened Nails + Thunderbolt (T)


  • Just two moves can eliminate a Sans player. We don't know what moves though. :|
  • Killua's name is probably derived from the English verb "to kill"
  • You can't activate "Godspeed" and "Otherwordly Aura" at the same time.
  • If you hit GE/R's Tree with Onslaught, you will turn invisible until you die.
  • Godspeed Theme - Hunter X Hunter no Tema ~ Densetsu
    Otherwordly Aura Theme - Hunter X Hunter (2011) Ost 3 ~ Riot