Killua (NPC)

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Killua is an NPC located on inside of the Japanese Fortress with Blossom trees. He'll give you the quest to obtain his spec, named after his first name "Killua".


  • Killua: Assasination is a key aspect that's held at high regards within my family. Do you wish to be a successor of such tradition?
  • Player Options: Yes & No
  • Killua: You'll have to mentally farm yourself in order to meet the criteria, still think you've got the mental capacity?
  • Player Options: Yes & Nevermind

Saying Yes will give you the quest to obtain Killua spec.

Saying No will just close the dialogue and don't give you anything.

Quest Requirements

  • Endure the Way of Yakuza for 850 seconds [0/850]
  • Inflict 12500 Damage [0/12500]
  • Dash 125 Times [0/125]
  • Take 8000 Damage [0/8000]
  • Use Arrow 15 Times [0/15]
  • Successfully Counter with Brawler's Instinct 100 Times [0/100]

After completing all of that you will receive an item called "Yo-Yo" Use it on Standless in order to get Killua spec.


For the Brawler's instinct part of the quest, you can do it on a your friend, or use the Akira_Dev attacking dummy to finish the quest.


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