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King Crimson

"Only the results! Only the results remain in this world!" —Diavolo (Diavolo, Vento Aureo, Part 5, Golden Wind


King Crimson (キング・クリムゾン Kingu Kurimuzon), sometimes shortened to KC (K・クリムゾン), is the Stand of Diavolo who is the Main Antagonist (Villain), featured in Vento Aureo. King Crimson is a close-ranged stand is the best arrow stand to use for 1v1's/PvP, since it has abilities that are suggested to use in combo's.

In the past if you used Requiem Arrow on King Crimson you would get King Crimson Requiem but its Unobtainable now, meaning you can't get it anymore.

Type: Close-Ranged Stand and Antagonists Stand.

User: Diavolo

Part: Canon, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Part 5: Vento Aureo


King Crimson can be obtained by finding and using a Stand Arrow, or perhaps use an arrow that’s in your Item Storage.


Passive Description
Passive A - Swiftness King Crimson's animations and attacks are quick and snappy, they get straight to attacking with the quick animations.


New Moveset
Keybind Move Description Damage Cooldown
Q Stand Summon The user of the stand summons King Crimson whilst saying "King Crimson" in a calm voice, and with an Time-Erasing Effect. None None
LMB/M1 LMB Combo
E Eye Jab King Crimson throws a punch towards the victim, blinding the victim, dealing 10 Damage; if you press E instantly again right after blinding the victim, you teleport behind them, with King Crimson punching the victims legs, chopping both of the victims legs off, with the final punch sending them pretty far from the user. This stuns the victim until their leg has been regenerated, and also has a lot of blood. 10 Damage
R Impale
T Chop
F Time Erase King Crimson and it’s user perform an pose, and a second after that, King Crimson’s user yells "King Crimson!", erasing time afterwards and becoming invisible to all players besides you (you can see all the players in the map); when you’re near an victim, their other self walks forwards whilst their actual self can move freely; once Time Erase ends, the victims actual self will teleport to where their other self ends up walking.
G Epitaph Counter
H Donut King Crimson donuts the victim (punches a hole through their torso), throwing an chop and 2 Punches or so at the victim, and shortly afterwards, King Crimson kicks the enemy. 50 Damage
V Time Skip Upon pressing V where your cursor is, you teleport to that place. None
Y Arm Chop King Crimson appears behind the player, floating to the victim/player, rising his arm up, and once arm is has rised, King Crimson chops off the players Arm completely. Once Arm has been chopped, this’ll deal 35 Damage.

This move does not deal Bleed Damage and you cannot attack the Opponent during this period, and the victim and you can move around. Also another note that this move is blockable.

35 Damage
B King Crimson Disguise The user starts off with saying “This is a test.”, after that quote, they move onto the next quote saying “I’ve accepted this test to stand victorious against my past.” with a pose of them taking off their shirt, and after that, King Crimson’s Time Erase Effect will appear on screen, and you’ll turn into Shadow Diavolo saying “A person grows once they are able to defeat their weaker self.”

Characters used in this Move/Scene: Doppio, Diavolo

Note: This move is mostly recommended to use for hiding your appearance when getting hunted down by someone. But if you’re the only King Crimson in the server, then you’re perhaps doomed.



  • Easy: R+E+Y
  • Medium: R+E+Y+H
  • Hard: B+R+E+Y+H
  • Very hard: F+B+Lmb+Lmb+R+E+H+Y
  • Extremely Hard: T+F+B+Lmb+Lmb+Lmb+R+E+H+Y
  • F(optional) R,E, Lmb, Lmb, Lmb, Lmb, R, E, Y.



  • If you translate 'Devil' into Italian, it means 'Diavolo' or 'Diavola'.
  • King Crimsons' localized name is "Emperor Crimson".
  • King Crimson is the first stand to have an title, the second being Reaper and Urzan.
  • King Crimson has a high combo potential because it has a Stand Off and Stand Off feature. (Some stands have this feature, too.)
  • King Crimson is the stand of Diavolo, and is one of the most powerful stands in Golden Wind as it’s main ability is to skip time.
  • King Crimson is the first stand to have most violence in A Universal Time. Most moves show blood from the player.