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King Crimson: Alternate Universe, often shortened to KCAU, is the non-canonical version of King Crimson that appears in the light novel: Jorge Joestar, a non-canon story in the JoJo universe. Due to the fact that this stand is non-canon, its movesets, appearance, models and voice lines are all original, inspired or taken from other different sources.

King Crimson: Alternate Universe's main abilities consist of different punches and strikes, all of which deal a high amount of damage. It also has a sub-stand named Epitaph, which grants the user a counter that counters most stand abilities and moves when activated. It is a black version on King Crimson

to Obtained KCAU you need to use a Universal orb on King Crimson


King Crimson: Alternate Universe is a humanoid stand, that is most black with a "x" on its face

Passives Name Description
Passive A
"I've Spotted Your Weakness!"
If your opponent has less than half of their health remaining, your critical damage increases and you will start doing true damage which bypasses most passives
Passive B
"I Gotta Get There Before Its Too Late "
You passively run, which allows you to get to places quicker and dodge cringe attacks easier.
Passive C
Well Trained
Due to your skills, you have a 50% chance of getting a critical hit on your opponent.

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Quick Punch
Quickly punch the opponent dealing decent damage.
Decent Damage
1 second
Severing Chop
KC:AU chops your foe, deals great damage while also stunning them for about 3 seconds.
Great Damage
50/67 (101 TC)
3 seconds
Severing Chop Rush
KC:AU throws 3 quick chops at your foe. The third chop ragdolls your opponent.
Great Damage
25/37 (56 TC)
5 seconds
Once pressed, you will stop moving for a few seconds and anyone that hits you while your in this state will be ragdolled. Therefore allowing you to strong combos while they're ragdolled. Currently has no pose unlike normal King Crimson
Moderate Damage
85/128 (127 TC)
7 seconds
You grab your foe using your left and and thrust your right hand into their chest, stunning them for 3 seconds.
Incredible Damage
~110/164 (191 TC)
8 seconds
Time Erasure
You and KC:AU become invisible for about 15 seconds and a shadow will be shown where you started your TE. You can use all of your moves while in TE but you can still be hit by all stands/specs because of the new way time erasure works
No Damage
10 seconds
Death's Punch
You throw an very strong punch at your foe and stuns them for 5 seconds.
Incredible Damage
75/112 (168 TC)
8 seconds
Assasination Shift
You teleport a few studs in front of you but if there is a player nearby, you will teleport behind them instead. (broken and also breaks all of your other moves)
3 seconds
Stand Leap
You and your stand leaps high into the air, covering more horizontal distance than vertical.
6 seconds
You dash a few studs in front of you. Use this to dodge attacks and cover more distance quicker
3,5 seconds

Battle Strategies

General Combat Knowledge

It is powerful for a C tier stand

(i dont know much so you wiki members can fill this out)

It deals true damage once your opponents HP goes below 50%


If you are battling against KC:AU, Spam Stand Jump and Use Time Erase to outline the invisible player.

(i dont know much so you wiki members can fill this out)


Easy: E+R+LMB spam then repeat.

Normal: E+R+T+H

hard: T+H+R+E+Y+E+R

Pros and Cons


It has fast speed.

Very easy to combo with.

Small move sets easily to learn.


No range movesets.Attacks in TE show

Can’t go that up high

500+ health.Pros and Cons(Updated)Pros

Very Easy to use

-Skill level is around medium

-Has Great Movement Speed

-Renders the user invisible during time skip

-Has a counter which has no animation Great For sudden Attacks or to escape If connerd

-All moves does Great Damage


Stwr Can easily counter Time skip due to it being a area attack

-Still can take damage from other players

-X chara can Demolish this stand due to the knives and knife barrage

-Sometimes The stand will break and wont be able to attack(this can reverted by resetting or dying


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