Within this world, everything I do not want will be erased!



King Crimson Alternate Universe (TE) is the buffed version of King Crimson: Alternate Universe, with voice lines from Amakusa Shirou. a character from Fate: Grand Order. 

a while ago the only way to get was from discord giveaways now changed to using universe orb on king crimson



You deal 50% more damage and deal True Damage to people who are under 50% HP.


E - Timed Chop

Chop the enemy, doing massive base damage and at least 20 DMG per bleed.

R - Triple Chop

Chop the enemy three times, doing over 70 DMG.

T - Epitaph

Stop moving for a few moments, if you get hit then you will counter-attack the enemy doing over 150 DMG.

Y - Stomach Thrust

Grab an enemy with force, dealing 30 damage, then immediately throw them away, doing over 100 DMG.

H - death blow.

a kick that does 300 damage. op.

F - Time Erase

you go invisible for a short amount of time with but when you attack someone TE will be over

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