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King Crimson Requiem
HollowKnight.jpeg King Crimson Requiem is unobtainable. Sorry! You can only get it by trading now, or if it is tradelocked you can never get it again. Either that or it is an admin item/Stand.

"No one can escape the fate that was chosen for them. All that remains is the end, where you will perish. Eternal greatness exists only within myself." - Diavolo (Diavolo, Vento Aureo, Golden Wind)


King Crimson Requiem is an unobtainable low A+ tier rarity stand as date of 22/02/2021.(european date type)

King Crimson Requiem is also one of the strongest stands in the game, with a variety of attack moves, a strong counter move, an extremely powerful barrage, and many stun moves.

In the original ending of Part 5, Giorno Giovanna claimed the Stand Arrow and thus, achieved a requiem stand (Gold Experience Requiem) and defeated Diavolo, trapping him in an endless loop of deaths. But what if Diavolo was the one worthy of the arrow and claimed a requiem stand?

PVP Tips

  • KCR's barrage is extremely fast, it has one of the best dps in game.
  • When an enemy uses ts, jump (Z) or use te (F) (because te is longer than ts and makes you invincible while its active)
  • If your stun (J) is locked on a specific player, no matter how far they are from you, you can unlock it by attacking a different player.
  • If you stun your opponent, a variety of damaging moves will most likely finish them.
  • When you're up against an invisible KCAU, spam te (F) and jump (Z) until you have them trapped in te.
  • Be warned that most of KCR's damaging moves have EXTREMELY low range, so you need to get up REALLY close to the opponent to damage them.
  • Keep in mind, mobile players and some specs/stands can still use moves in your time erase or stun.


Type: Close-Ranged Stand

Role: Antagonists Stand

User: Diavolo (After Requiem)

Namesake: ~King Crimson~ (ROCK BAND AND SONG)

Part: Non-Canon

Originality: King Crimson, Vento Aureo, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Part 5 Golden Wind


King Crimson + Requiem Arrow = King Crimson Requiem

Full Craft

Standless + Arrow = King Crimson (NOT GUARANTEED, 30% OF OBTAINING)

King Crimson + Requiem Arrow = King Crimson Requiem

Note: It's unobtainable now.


Passive Passive Name Description
Passive A Swiftness King crimson's animations and attacks are quick and snappy, basically they get straight to the point with his quick animation.

Key Move Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB N/A Click A punch that does 35 - 52 DMG. 35 - 52 None
Dual Strong Punch King Crimson throws two strong punches at the person infront of their user, dealing 85 each punch. (170 DMG) with a 6 Second Cooldown. 170 Damage 6 Cooldown.
"I decided to show you..as a parting gift.." King Crimson Requiem chops the opponent, dealing decent impact damage, but then applying a bleeding affect for 3 more seconds, adding onto the original damage. 100

15 (Bleed) 190 damage in total

5 Seconds
Ascended Requiem Epitaph The user poses, and Epitaph activates. If the user is attacked, they will teleport behind the opponent and perform a chop, dealing decent damage; 85 - 127 7 Second Cooldown
Genuinely Angered.gif
Grab King Crimson Requiem grabs the opponent into the air and thrusts his arm into their stomach, dealing high damage and ragdolling the opponent. 50-75 grab damage, 100-150 thrust damage 8 Second Cooldown
Time Erase Grants the user speed, infinite health, and makes people around the user stuck walking for 4.5 Seconds; King Crimson Requiem performs Time Erasure. During this state, he is invincible to all attacks, and enemies can be seen with a red hologram. Any attack ends TE. None 10 Cooldown
"Shit! You're finished, Giorno Giovanna!" King Crimson Requiem throws an extremely fast barrage, dealing 10-12 damage each punch, and lasting for 6–7 seconds. 10-12 5 Second Cooldown
"You are no longer in this world. King Crimson Requiem charges up a punch and brutally stabs it through the opponent, dealing moderate damage and causing ragdoll for a moment. Does 120 DMG with a 10 Second Cooldown.. 120 DMG 10 Second Cooldown.
"He's going to make a timeskip!" King Crimson Requiem skips time, teleporting you a few studs forward. None 1.5 Second Cooldown
King Crimson's Requiem Blood Blinding!.gif
"This should stop his movements!" King Crimson Requiem throws blood at the enemies eyes, blinding them for a few seconds. 25 - 50 12 Second Cooldown
Stun King Crimson Requiem releases a pulse of energy hitting the person closest to the user, stunning them for a few seconds. None 30 Second Cooldown
U N/A Stun Chop King Crimson Requiem stuns an player, and chops them, for a few seconds. (Currently Broken As Of Now.) N/A N/A

Example Of KCR's Old Pose

Pose You and King Crimson Requiem pose menacingly, Menacingly plays King Crimson Requiem theme. None None

Old KC Moveset
Key Move Move Name Description Damage Cooldown
E + Hold
Severing Chop Barrage King Crimson Requiem throws strong blows at the enemy N/A N/A
Evolved Chop King Crimson Requiem throws a strong chop at the enemy N/A N/A
Ascended Epitaph King Crimson Requiem dodges all attacks except overheavens / ger, you can attack even if this is activated None N/A
Brutal Kick King Crimson Requiem kicks the Opponent with it's leg knocking them into the air and dealing a good amount of damage N/A N/A
Time Erase King Crimson Requiem activate it's main Ability [ Time Erasure ], this power allow King Crimson Requiem and it's user to wipe away (You can use chop barrage while time erase) None N/A
Mighty Thrust King Crimson Requiem pierces the Opponent's torso with it's right arm dealing an insane amount of damage N/A N/A
Erasure Shift King Crimson Requiem blast away a short amount of time making it look like the User has teleported a small distance in front of them. None N/A
Ground Slam King Crimson Requiem hits the ground so hard that it makes a strong collision for after that collision hits enemies N/A N/A

Reasons why KCR is Stronger Than KC

1: KCR's barrage is much faster than KC's barrage, so although KCR's barrage does less damage, the overall dps of KCR's barrage is greater than KC's barrage.

2: Once you fall into KCR's time erase, you're dead because they can simply use a stun move and then barrage you to death while you're unable to fight back.

3: KC can't really 'bypass' the stun, the KC needs godly timing with their epitaph. Also, if KCR uses stun in time erase, KC can't bypass it since KC can't use any moves in time erase (Unless the KC is a mobile player). Or KCR can just bait their epitaph and then stun.

4: KCR is better against other strong stands because of the te+stun+barrage combo and its amazing dps.



  • F + [anything]
  • F + J + H
  • F + J + H + E + R + T
  • F + E + R + H
  • F + J + E + R + H
  • F + G + E + R + H
  • J + E + R + H
  • G + E + R + H
  • R + H
  • Z + T (Makes you floating in mid air, good for escaping combat for a short amount of time)

Counters to KCR

  • PLANET // SHAPER: PLANET // SHAPER can barrage in Stun and King Crimson's Time Erase (TE), so if timed correctly, you can defeat the King Crimson Requiem user before they can kill you with their barrage; Also, you can also use PLANET // SHAPER's R to prevent the King Crimson Requiem opponent from barraging you.
  • Phantom Blade: Don't get caught in their purple box of death, the move is really over-powered.
  • Halloween Shadow The World Requiem: The counter that STWR and HSTWR is annoying, because the HSTWR can still attack you through the counter. HSTWR is probably the best counter currently because the Instant Timestop, True Damage, and passive's.
  • Holy Pot Platinum (APP): HPP's barrage has the same speed as KCR's barrage, except HPP's barrage does more damage and is infinite. Infinite barrages can't be stopped by stun moves, which is bad for KCR, who relies on stun moves against strong stands. In a 1v1, it is nearly impossible for a KCR to win against a HPP.
  • King Crimson: Regular King Crimson's Epitaph has a long stun and so if you time your Epitaph correctly and then barrage they have a high chance of dying.
  • King Crimson Alternate Universe is another counter, it SHREADS this


  • Even though King Crimson Requiem is unobtainable, people still have it in their stand storage.
  • King Crimson Requiem is A+ Tier in Unobtainable Tier List.
  • KCR has 5 - 15 Value Points.
  • King Crimson Requiem Rarity: 8
  • KCR Demand: 7