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King Crimson Requiem
HollowKnight.jpeg King Crimson Requiem is unobtainable. Sorry! You can only get it by trading now, or if it is tradelocked you can never get it again. Either that or it is an admin item/Stand.

"No one can escape the fate that was chosen for them. All that remains is the end, where you will perish. Eternal greatness exists only within myself." —Diavolo


King Crimson Requiem is an unobtainable, being the lowest A tier on the tierlist.

King Crimson Requiem used to be one of the strongest stands in the game, with a variety of attack moves, a strong counter move, an extremely powerful barrage, and many stun moves.

In the original ending of Part 5, Giorno Giovanna claimed the Stand Arrow and thus, achieved a requiem stand (Gold Experience Requiem) and defeated Diavolo, trapping him in an infinite loop of death. This is the result of a non-cannon ending, where Diavolo obtains the arrow instead of Giorno.

This stand has the same moves as it's predecessor King Crimson.

  • Type: Close-Ranged Stand
  • Role: Antagonists Stand
  • User: Diavolo
  • Namesake: King Crimson (Rock Band)
  • Part: Non-canon of Part 5, Vento Aureo.
  • Originality: King Crimson, Vento Aureo, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Part 5 Golden Wind


King Crimson Requiem is white and gray with gold streaks. He is wearing a hoodie and a mask, the mask has red eyes, red marks on the sides, and a gold v shape on the top. The hoodie has 2 gold streaks on each side. His arms have small wing-like structures on the top with of course a lot of gold streaks. A gray pad under the structure, 2 rectangles with a black outline and white in the middle, and finally white bands with gold on the first band and what seems to be claws. The legs have a large pad with a gold outline and a white filling and gray legs with dark gray feet.

How To Obtain (Attainability)

New Obtainment Method

As of now, you cannot obtain King Crimson Requiem without trading with another user, this is subject to change in the future.

Old Obtainment Method

The way on how to obtain KCR is using a Requiem Arrow on King Crimson


Stand Off Moveset
Keybinds Move Gif Description Damage Cooldown

(There! Take that!)/ Ground Slam

KCR Ground Slam.gif
King Crimsons arms smash the ground

while the user shouts "SOKODA KURAI!"



10 Seconds

(There!) / Scalpel throw

KCR Throw.gif
The user brandishes three scalpels before throwing them,

accompanied by a shout of "SOKODA!".

12 Damage 12 Seconds

Stand On Moveset
Keybinds Move Gif Description Damage Cooldown
Q Stand Summon
KCR Summon.gif
The user of the stand summons King Crimson, saying its name in a solemn tone. This is accompanied by the Time Erasure effect. (None) 2 Seconds
LMB/M1 LMB Combo
King Crimson throws 2 Punches towards the victim, followed by 2 Kicks. The second knocks the target into the air. 8 Damage
E Eye Jab
KCR Eye Jab.gif
King Crimson throws a punch towards the victim, blinding them and dealing 10 Damage; if you press E again right after blinding the victim, you teleport behind them, with King Crimson punching the victim's legs (therefore leaving them with only an arm); the final punch launches them away from the user. This stuns the victim until their leg has been regenerated, and also has a lot of blood if gore is turned on. 10 Damage
R Donut
KCR Donut.gif
A recurring finisher punch. King Crimson launches a heavy blow, cutting a circular hole in the target's torso. 50 Damage
T Chop
KCR Chop.gif
King Crimson chops the enemy acting as a combo extender. 40 Damage
F Time Erase
KCR Time Erase.gif
King Crimson and its user perform a pose, followed by the Stand's user calling its name. Up to ten seconds of time are then erased. The user is invisible and intangible to all other players and can see all other players and items on the map (obstructions are eliminated). King Crimson's user can see other players' future selves walking directly in front of their present selves, which can move freely; once Time Erase ends, all players' positions are overwritten to those of their future selves during the erased time. None 30 Seconds
G Epitaph Counter
KCR Counter.gif
If attacked in this state, the user switches positions with their assailant, then teleports behind them. This does not give a significant amount of I-frames, allowing the attacker to even punish you if they're fast enough to pull off a barrage. None
V Time Skip
KCR Time Skip.gif
Upon pressing V where your cursor is, you teleport to that place, which sometimes can be bugged. None
Y Arm Chop
KCR Arm Chop.gif
King Crimson appears behind the player, then levitates toward the target. After a somewhat lengthy start-up period, King Crimson quickly severs the target's arm.

This move does not deal Bleed Damage and you cannot attack the Opponent during this period, and the victim and you can move around. Also, another note is that this move is blockable, but only blockable if the opponent has been blocking before the attack and during it.

Note: The move is currently broken. Even if you press Y with KCR, the cooldown shows up, but it doesn't actually do the move itself, and the cooldown shown is extremely short.

This move is auto-target.

28.25 Damage
B King Crimson Disguise
KCR Disguise.gif
The user starts off by saying “This is a test.”, after that quote, they move on to the next quote saying “I’ve accepted this test to stand victorious against my past.” with a pose of them taking off their shirt, and after that, King Crimson’s Time Erase Effect will appear on screen, and you’ll turn into Shadow Diavolo saying “A person grows once they are able to defeat their weaker self.” After this, you'll be given a new username while wearing the disguise randomly generated from a selected amount of names relating to King Crimson or Diavolo.

Characters used in this Move/Scene: Doppio, Diavolo

Note: After the disguise has been donned, you'll use a different set of quotes that are references to when Bruno Bucciarati began his engagement with The Boss after realizing his plans. Your off-stand moves will also have their voice lines altered, which is basically just removing them.

N Quote
KCR Quote1.png
KCR Quote2.png
Upon pressing N, you'll say one of the quotes below:
  • "This is the end, King Crimson will reach the top of the world!"
  • "I am [player username]! I will remain at the top!"

Shadow Diavolo Disguise Quotes

  • "If you step out from behind that pillar, you're going to meet your end."
  • "Everyone goes through their ups and downs. You succeed, and you fail."
  • "You should leave this place."


New Universe

Old Universe


  • King Crimson Requiem is unobtainable, meaning you cannot obtain it through normal means (like using an item, doing a quest, etc) You can only get KCR through trading and giveaways so far.
  • King Crimson Requiem is the lowest A Tier in the Unobtainable Tier List.
  • This stand has had 4 remodels so far.
  • KCR has 10 value points.
  • KCR Demand: High.

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