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Landmarks are small locations that are easily found around the map.


Valentine’s Island is a new landmark/location added into AUT for the Valentine’s Update. The place can be found by interacting with the Mysterious Boat, and getting teleported by it to this location.


Valentine’s Island represents a medium sized island with Sakura trees covering most of the top of the island, in the middle of the ocean.


  • It is one of the first new landmarks to be added into New Universe!


Stations are the main spawn-points in the current map. There are only 2 Stations, one being A and one being B. They have a heading above the entrance, saying “Station A/B”. The spawn point is randomized and your spawn can be set at either of these stations. Both stations have the Tutorial NPC in front of the entrance.

In the inside, they appear as a train station.

Station A

Station A is surrounded by many NPC’s. There is a Bike Rack on the right side of the entrance (outside), and there is a Jotaro Kujo (P6) NPC that is on the left side of the entrance outside, standing in front of 4 benches and a snowy tree. The station is set near the shop, and near the park.

Station B

Station B is a alternate spawn point. It is not very special and is set near the Japanese Fortress/Temple. The only NPC that is spawned here is Johnny Joestar. Some chests can spawn near here.


The Beach is a zone for arrow meteorites, Sand Debris, Gyro Zeppeli, and the DIO Boss. This holds the Mysterious Boat, which travels you to the Valentine’s Island.
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