A Universal Time Roblox Wiki
A Universal Time Roblox Wiki
  1. This list serves the purpose of informing people of stands which have been disabled/removed.
  2. If you have any of these stands, somehow, beware. They are considered poison and if an admin finds out you have it you will have it taken away from you.
  3. If a stand has "(will return)" next to it that means it’s most likely to return or has already been proven to return.

List of disabled/removed stands

  • Killer Queen (will return)
  • Reality C-Moon (will return)
  • Devil the world
  • one more death
  • made in death (commonly mistaken as made in sins)
  • Game boy crimson
  • Virtual killer queen (disabled for the moment)
  • Cranberry experience
  • Cranberry experience requiem
  • Reality star platinum
  • Glitch the world (replaced by coffin boi)
  • Virus star platinum
  • Glitch star platinum
  • Meme platinum
  • Made in China (replaced by made in reality)
  • Dirty deeds done dirt cheap (will return)
  • soft and wet (will return)
  • Star platinum: stone ocean
  • Doppio arm 1
  • Doppio arm 2
  • Saitama, aka one punch man (replaced by all might. if you had saitama it would change to all might when he was released.)
  • Crazy diamond over heaven
  • Made in medieval (replaced by made in Walmart)
  • Made on hollows eve
  • Pot platinum (replaced by galaxy annihilator)
  • Void platinum
  • Anti bug crimson
  • Ender crimson
  • Exotic samurai
  • Meme the world
  • The world over heaven (will return)
  • Unawakened star platinum/evil spirit
  • Star platinum: the world (will return)
  • One more time
  • Terra blade (admin)
  • Overwriter (replaced by purple guy)
  • One more boost
  • Nitrobooster
  • Corrupted crimson
  • Virtual king crimson
  • BoozBol(Replaced by Casey)
  • Shiny golden experience requiem
  • The World OverHeaven

List of removed/unobtainable items

  • Castle (replaced by bread)
  • Reality of universe (replaced by duality orb)
  • Celebration diary (unob)
  • Blooded diary
  • Noob diary
  • Boombox
  • Kujo Jotaro cap
  • frog
  • Pot
  • COVID container
  • Glitch Diary
  • Spirit Photo
  • Jesus corpse part (will get removed)
  • Boozbol Head (replaced by bol)
  • Rokakaka Fruit (replaced by pucci)