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"If this were a game of chess or shogi, I would call this checkmate!" —DIO


Locke, an original design from the AUT team is a stand that will be released in the upcoming update. Locke was used to be known as "The World Requiem" and was unobtainable, but the users who used to own The World Requiem will be compensated with an unobtainable skin only limited to them which is foreshadowed to be able to be traded.


Locke resembles a mechanical humanoid with pipes coming from its neck going downwards to his torso, the pipes also extend from its arms. It has a futuristic looking helmet with glowing eyes beneath. Locke also has lighting-like effects from the yellow pods on its arms. Locke's color scheme is black and yello.

How to Obtain (Attainability)

Unknown as of now

The World Requiem is a humanoid stand that is obtained by using a Requiem Arrow on Vampiric The World. The World Requiem was originally obtained by using a True Requiem Arrow on The World.




New Universe

Old Universe


  • The World Requiems Stand Cry is "MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA!"
  • The Pose Music For TWR's Pose is EVERYTHING WILL FREEZE, a Touhou Music made from UNDEAD CORPORATION and was released in 2013.
  • The World Requiem is getting an upcoming rework.
  • Eventually, people are saying that TWR's Remodel looks like Batman.
  • Instead of oxygen tanks on The World Requiems back, TWR wears a dark and black cape.
  • The World Requiem's new pose animation is based of Shadow DIO and Shadow's pose.
  • The World Requiem has 14 Points of Rarity, and Extremely High Demand.