Save Money. Live Better.”



This is a stand you get by using Bread on Made in Heaven. It has great mobility and good damage


Destructive Power: Walmart.

Speed: On

Durability: Top (400)


E - Quick Chops

Made in Walmart hits the enemy quickly and consecutively


R - Light Left Arm Speed Chop

Made In Walmart does a quick slice with it's left arm which does a good chunk of damage and very fast.


T - Accelerated Knives

The player throws three knives at the target

F - Throat Slice

Made In Walmart throws himself at the enemy

H - Time Acceleration

Made In Walmart accelerates time to the point where the users passive walk speed rises

B - Number Counting

The player will count the prime numbers to calm themselves. If you get hit during this, you will teleport behind the attacker

V - Blink

The player teleports a short distance infront of them

C - Universe reset

During time acceleration activating universe reset causes a shockwave to be released, slightly increasing your speed.

Z -Glide-

You hang onto the handle of the shopping cart and go at insane speeds faster than Ultimate Life Form flying. Lasts for around 7 seconds. Cooldown is 8 seconds.

G - Pose -

Plays the opening of "Fate/Apocrypha" (Music Link:


  • Walmart Inc. is an American multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and grocery stores.
  • This is a reskin of Made In Heaven
  • Made in Walmart used to play "Flower Dance - Dj Okawari" during a quote but has been recently removed maybe due to copyright reasons
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