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"This was... MADE ON CHRISTMAS EVE!" —Enrico Pucci, Ascended to the Christmas Spirit

How to Obtain

Made on Christmas Eve was obtainable by using a Present on Made in Heaven

However, MOCE, HSTWR, Urzan and CSPR will be coming back to their respective holidays.


Made on Christmas Eve (メイド・イン・ヘブン Meido on Christmas Eve) is a Stand belonging to Enrico Pucci, featured in Stone Ocean. However, it was never canonically included anywhere because it's a Christmas reskin of the regular Made in Heaven


B in Destructive power, S in durability, and A- in speed

Stand Off Moveset

Keybind Name Description Damage Cooldown
E Burst Punches You teleport a short distance in front you of, then perform a series of punches. 2-3 per hit

38 in total

11 Seconds
R Quick Attack You do a quick jab attack. 30 8 Seconds
T Quadrable Knives Dash back instantaneously and throw 4 knives ahead of you. 36 in total 11 Seconds
Y Surprise Made in Heaven is summoned briefly to do a powerful strike on the opponent. 40 14 Seconds
V Teleport Teleport to your cursor 7.5 Seconds

Stand On Moveset

Keybind Name Description Damage Cooldown
Q Stand Summon Pulls out stand saying, "Made in Heaven!." None 1 Seconds
LMB LMB Combo Made in Heaven does 3 normal hits and finishes with a heavy punch. 5 per hit and 25 on heavy punch 7 Seconds
E Stand Barrage Made In Heaven goes in front of you, throwing quick consecutive punches at the enemy, and then it launches a heavy attack knocking the opponent back. 5 per hit

1 on heavy punch

46 total

5 Seconds
T "Too Late" The user teleports up into the air, quickly throwing 7 knives towards the ground. 36 in total 10 Seconds
R Hasty Slice Teleports forward a few studs, then MIH does a heavy punch knocking the enemy far away 30 10 Seconds
F Last Strike Made in Heaven Teleports a couple studs forward. If it hits someone, you will teleport behind them and MIH will chop off their right arm and make them bleed out. 32.25 10 Seconds
H Time Acceleration Currently Disabled. N/A N/A
V Teleport Teleport to where your cursor is located. None 8 Seconds
Y Counter Made In Heaven assumes a pose, if hit during this pose,MIH will perform a knockbacking chop. 40 25 Seconds
N Quote Once N has been pressed, you’ll say one of these quotes:
  • "You fail to understand your fate… you must die here."
  • "I will realize the will of God in this world. You are incapable of it."
  • "Oh lord in Heaven, please give me guidance…"
  • "Your fate ends here."
None When current quote ends


Even though this stand is unobtainable, some people still have it just like, King crimson requiem, and Christmas Star PIatinum Requiem