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Made in Heaven

“The time for Heaven, has finally arrived.” - Enrico Pucci


Even though Made in Heaven's Tier is C Tier, this stand could possess greatly insane power, back then, it did, but up to now it doesn't anymore; but you still have the ability to accelerate time and go faster.

Made in Heaven doesn't have any passives.

Made in Heaven (メイド・イン・ヘブン Meido In Hebun) is the final evolution of Enrico Pucci's Stand, Whitesnake and C-Moon, featured in Stone Ocean. Made In Heaven is a canon stand that's one of the strongest stands in the JoJo Universe, debatably the strongest one.

Made In Heaven is a medium-ranged and close-ranged stand, a stand that literally has the ability to accelerate time, reset the universe, control the gravitational forces on Earth, Moon, and seemingly the entire universe.

Made in Heaven is a powerful close-range time controlling Stand. Although its physical abilities may not be the best of the best, its control over time grants it an overwhelming speed advantage and even counters abilities that function with a time limit like Star Platinum's time stop due to time stop being actually just slowing down time MIH counters this by speeding it up.

Made In Heaven will receive a related stand named Heavy Weather. HW's Ability is to nearly control the weather all over Earth. The user of Heavy Weather is Domenico Pucci (Weather Report).

SA (Spoiler Alert ?): Enrico and Domenico are twin brothers, sought to separate in a manner that would least harm his sister.


Made In Heaven has non-canon evolutions and variants, and they are:

Made in Reality

Made In Walmart (Getting Removed)

Made On Christmas Eve


How To Obtain

Made in Heaven is obtained by using a DIO's Diary on C-Moon.

Full Craft

Standless + Arrow = Whitesnake (30%)
Whitesnake + DIO's Diary = C-Moon
C-Moon + DIO's Diary = Made In Heaven


Keybind Name Description Damage Cooldown
E Stand Barrage Made In Heaven goes in front of you, throwing quick consecutive punches at the enemy. 2


5 Seconds
R Light Left Arm Speed Chop Made In Heaven does a quick slice with it's left arm which does a good chunk of damage and very fast. 50


5 Seconds
T Accelerated Knives The user floats up into the air, throwing a few knives towards the ground. 10



3 Seconds
Throat Slice Made in Heaven and it's user dash at extremely fast speeds forward, slicing the throat of any target in it's path and dealing damage. 80 10 Seconds
Time Acceleration Made In Heaven accelerates time to the point where the users passive walk speed rises intensely. Each sound in TA (time acceleration) means that the Made In Heaven user will go faster. After it is over the MIH user will go back to to there normal speed None 10+ Seconds
Light Speed Travel Made In Heaven starts up a move slowly, and after 3 second's or more, you get a lot faster. Pressing Z + H will make you get faster. None 10+ Seconds
Number Counting The player will count the prime numbers to calm themselves. If you get hit during this, you will teleport behind the attacker. 20 10+ Seconds
N Quote Once N has been pressed, you’ll say one of these quotes:
  • "You fail to understand your fate… you must die here."
  • "I will realize the will of God in this world. You are incapable of it."
  • "Oh lord in Heaven, please give me guidance…"

Evolution Items

Bread, Duality Orb, Crystal Gem and Star Gem

Made In Heaven + Bread = Made in Walmart

Made In Heaven + Duality Orb = Made in Reality

Made In Heaven + Star Gem = Nuclear Star

Made In Heaven + Crystal Gem = Crystallized

Made In Heaven + Present = Made on Christmas Eve (MOCE/UNOB)


  • Made In Heaven's HP is 575.
  • Made In Heaven and Pucci will be part of an live event. Live Event: Resetting the current universe and teleporting you into the New Universe.
  • Made In Heaven is C Tier In Rarity Tier Lists, and B+ Tier in PvP Tier List.
  • Made In Heaven has a Universe Reset move according to a user in the wiki; P0vd a dev in A Universal Time used Made In Heaven and crashed the server. (According to the user)
  • MIH is getting a rework in NU, so will its previous evolutions C-Moon and Whitesnake.
  • Some of Made in Heaven's SFX are from Mugen, ASB, and EOH. Some of them are also from C-Moon or White Snake.