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Made in Heaven

"You were two steps too late... user" —Enrico Pucci


Made in Heaven's value is an A tier stand. This stand has low combo potential due to it's attacks being hard to aim and the amount of moves with knockback.

This stand doesn't have any passives.

Made In Heaven is the final evolution of Enrico Pucci's Stand, Whitesnake and C-Moon, featured in Stone Ocean. Made In Heaven is a canon stand that is one of the strongest stands in the JJBA Universe.


Made In Heaven is a medium-ranged and close-ranged stand, a stand that has the ability to accelerate time extremely quick, reset the universe, control the gravitational forces on Earth, Moon, and seemingly the entire universe.

Made In Heaven is a powerful close-range time controlling Stand. Although its physical abilities may not be the best of the best, its control over time grants it an overwhelming speed advantage and even counters abilities that function with a time limit like Star Platinum's time stop due to time stop being actually just slowing down time MIH counters this by speeding it up.

Most Made in Heaven players are serious when they use Made in Heaven. If you can't do anything about their combos, you'll be finished in seconds.

Made in Heaven is obtained by interacting with Pucci, and selecting the "The Way To Heaven" option with C-Moon, you'll receive a quest from Pucci. The quest you get from him is: The Way To Heaven.

  • Eliminate 40 Sinners (Players) with C-Moon. (Dummies don't count, and you can eliminate the same player(s) (tip: you can get 3-4 kills each kill by using stand off E when the person is at 10 hp)
Once you're done with the quest, you'll automatically respawn with Made in Heaven and be accompanied with sparkles when you recieve it.

These methods will not work as the New Universe update changed how Made In heaven was obtained

Standless + Arrow = Whitesnake

Whitesnake + Dio's Diary = C-Moon

C-Moon + Dio's Diary = Made in Heaven

(Above is the obtainment method in the Old Universe)

Full Craft

Standless + Arrow = Whitesnake (30%)
Whitesnake + Completion of "The Way To Heaven" = C-Moon
C-Moon + Completion of "The Way To Heaven (2)" = Made in Heaven


Keybind Move Name Description Damage Cooldown
MIH Stand Off M1's.gif
LMB Combo The user punches the opponent three times, afterward landing a final uppercut punch which knocks them back away from you. 8 Damage (First 3 Punches)

25 Damage (Final Hit)

MIH Stand Off E Burst Punches.gif
Burst Punches You teleport a short distance forwards, then perform a series of quick punches. You will need to hit the first one to fully deliver all damage. 2-3 per hit

38 in total

11 Seconds
MIH Stand Off R Quick Attack.gif
Quick Attack Made In Heaven's arm manifests inside of yours and punches. 30 8 Seconds
MiH Quad Knive.gif
Quadrable Knives Dash back instantaneously and throw 4 knives ahead of you. 36 in total 11 Seconds
MIH stand off surprise diff angle.gif
MIH stand off surprise diff angle 2.gif
Surprise Made in Heaven is summoned briefly to do a powerful strike on the opponent. 40 14 Seconds
Mih stand off tp.gif
Teleport Teleport to your cursor 7.5 Seconds

Keybind Move Name Description Damage Cooldown
MiH Stand Summon.gif
Stand Summon Pulls out stand saying, "Made in Heaven!". None 1 Seconds
LMB Combo Made in Heaven does three normal punches, and finishes the LMB Combo with a heavy punch. 5 per hit and 25 on heavy punch 7 Seconds
MiH Stand On Barrage.gif
Stand Barrage Made In Heaven goes in front of you, throwing quick consecutive punches at the enemy, and then it launches a heavy attack knocking the opponent back. 5 per hit

1 on heavy punch

46 total

5 Seconds
MiH Stand On R.gif
Hasty Slice Teleports forward a few studs, then MIH does a heavy punch knocking the enemy far away 30 10 Seconds
MiH Too Late.gif
"Too Late." The user teleports up into the air, quickly throwing 7 knives towards the ground. 36 in total 10 Seconds
MiH Last Strike.gif
Last Strike Made In Heaven rushes forwards, teleporting you forwards for a few studs, and when connected the arm of the opponent is cut off, dealing 32.25 damage. This move is blockable when hit but when Made In Heaven goes behind you after it hit you it won't be blockable. 32.25 10 Seconds
H N/A Time Acceleration

Made In Heaven Speeds Up Time. The speed of the user increases by a lot.

N/A 120 Seconds
MiH Stand On TP.gif
Teleport Teleport to where your cursor is located. None 8 Seconds
MiH Y.gif
Counter Made In Heaven assumes a pose, if hit during this pose, MIH will teleport behind the attacker and performs a hard punch with high knockback. 40 25 Seconds
MiH Quote 3.png
MiH Quote 2.png
MiH Quote 1.png
Quote Once N has been pressed, you’ll say one of these quotes:
  • "You fail to understand your fate… you must die here."
  • "I will realize the will of God in this world. You are incapable of it."
  • "Your fate ends here."
None When current quote ends



  • (Stand Off) E, R (at the same time), T
  • (Stand Off) T+E+R
  • (Stand Off) E, T, (Stand On), E, T
  • E, F, (Stand Off), T, E (Stand On), F
  • E , F (when they land from the knockback), turn to the direction they are being launched to, R, T (stand off)
  • (Stand On)T+E+R/F
  • (Stand On) E, (Stand Off) E, (Stand On) turn to the direction they are being launched to, R (Not true)
  • Q (Stand On), M1x3, Q (Stand Off), M1x3 - Repeat (If timed correctly, true inf combo)


  • Made In Heaven's HP is 525.
  • Some of Made in Heaven's SFX are from Mugen, ASB, and EOH. Some of them are also from C-Moon or Whitesnake.
  • It is suggested that you constantly resummon and desummon your stand, since stand-off moveset is the majority of your damage.
  • A little hard to use, as some moves have unintelligible dash.
  • Made in Heaven's pose music is Queen - Made in Heaven.
  • Made In Heaven, is one of two Heaven Stands. the other being is The World: Over Heaven.
  • Made in Heaven's Pose No Longer Plays Music Due To Roblox Banning All Copyrighted Music (Originally Played 'Made in Heaven' By Queen)
  • Currently, Burst Punches are glitched because if you use Burst Punches, there is a chance that you can glitch through the opponent.
    • this is probably due to the speed of your dash being very fast that it is almost like a teleport.

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