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HollowKnight.jpeg Made in Reality is unobtainable. Sorry! You can only get it by trading now, or if it is tradelocked you can never get it again. Either that or it is an admin item/Stand.

“This is, Reality!” - Pucci

Obtained by using Duality Orb on Made In Heaven.


Made in Reality is a powerful close-range time controlling Stand. Although its physical abilities may not be the best of the best, its control over time grants it an overwhelming speed advantage and even counters abilities that function with a time limit like Star Platinum's time stop due to time stop being actually just slowing down time mih counters this by speeding it up.

However, its main interest for Pucci isn't its time power, but the ability to bring about a new universe with extraordinary properties.Acceleration of the universe causing it to explode and become a entirely new one.

Type: Close-Ranged Stand

Part: Shiny/Reskin Stand, Non-Canon

For original version, go to this page.

His pose music is night of nights


You can obtain MIR by using a Duality Orb on Made In Heaven.


Key Move Move


Description Damage Cooldown
Reality Speed Combo Quickly chops multiple time's, doing 6/12! X 10 Damage, has a cooldown of 6 Seconds. 6/12 X 10 DMG 6 Seconds
Reality Speed Chop Forcefully chops one, doing 39/78! damage, has a cooldown of 9 seconds. 39/78 9 Seconds
Reality Knives Throws a set of knives and does 8 x 7 damage, cooldown of 3 seconds. 8 x 7 Damage 3 Seconds
Throat Slice Blinks forward and does 48/96! Damage to anything in it's path, has a cooldown of 16 Seconds. 48/96! 16 Seconds

[H- Time Acceleration]-

increases your walk speed, decreases cool down for all moves and cancels timestop and renders user invincible ( broken ) for 20 seconds has a CD of 45 seconds or 30 seconds upon dying.

[C- Portal:]-

Create a portal at your location that you can return to at anytime by pressing C again, note however, that the portal will close itself if unused for 60 seconds, CD will only start if the user returns to the portal and has a CD of 10 seconds.

[B- Counter:]-

Enter a defensive state, turning you immobile for 10 seconds, should someone attack you during this 10 seconds, you will deal 8/16! X ??? ( too many for me to count ), has a CD of 35 seconds.

[V- Shift:]-

Blink forwards in the direction you were facing, has a CD of 4 seconds.


Glide through the air for a maximum of 5 seconds at high speeds, has a CD of 9 seconds.

X - Block: Reduce all damage, The maximum length is forever unless you stop holding X. CD of 1.5 seconds.' [Y - Teleport:]-

Teleports behind a player if you point a mouse to them and press Y. CD of 9 seconds.



Made In Reality is a simple Made In Heaven style, but the coloring is different. All of Made In Reality Holes\circles are neon orange.

NOTE : This stand is weaker then made in walmart so I recommend getting made in walmart instead of this stand.