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“What’s up guys, Shadow Network here!” - Shadow Network


This is a youtuber stand/admin stand that has only one owner named "Shadow Network" so this is UNOBTAINABLE to others.

Shadow Network’s channel can be found here.


Keybind Name Description
E Light Speed Barrage Made in Shadow hits the enemy quickly and consecutively.
R Light Left Arm Speed Chop Made in Shadow does a quick slice with its left arm which does a good chunk of damage and very fast.
T Accelerated Knives Made in Shadow throws three knives at the target.
F Throat Slice Made in Shadow throws himself at the enemy.
H Time Acceleration Made in Shadow accelerates the time to the point where the users passive walk speed rises.
B Number Counting The player will count the prime numbers to calm themselves. If you get hit during this, you will teleport behind the attacker.


This is Just like Made In Heaven, but has more damage.

The Pose is similar to STWR.