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Hello there user. This page states all the rules that you must adhere to and even more information. You have to agree to this list to use the wiki. Make sure to do this!

Refer to Punishments for the punishments.

What is the Code Of Conduct/Rules?

A code of conduct is a set of rules that you have to follow to keep this wiki safe and good

Code of Conduct

Breaking Fandom ToU This one is pretty simple You need to follow the FANDOM ToU.
Griefing a Page You cannot grief pages! They waste a lot of time and work!
Extreme Use of Profanity You can use profanity but do not use a lot of it.
-Posting Porn/Gore on the Forums Most of our people here have never seen porn or gore. Do not post it since it would scar them.
Bringing Other Wiki's Drama Here We do not want your drama! It causes a lot of trouble that has to be cleaned up.
Trading Trading here is bannable in the game!
Toxicity/Harassment Some insults are fine from time to time, but do not go too much into what can be considered as negative and unwanted behavior.
Local Block Evasion If you are blocked. Go to our appeal wiki to appeal or wait for it to end! Don't evade it!
Necroposting Don't necropost! Don't go on post on post that is 2 weeks old

Extra Rules

  • Do not be mean to other users and staffs.
  • Never cross trade. (Robux for stands or something in another game)
  • Never make an useless page. (Will be deleted)
  • Never spam. (Can be blocked)
  • Don't be toxic. (Can be blocked and all of your posts might be deleted)
  • Do not start inter wiki drama.
  • Please do not make NSFW custom stands like the so called **Made In H**tai**. (Can be permanently blocked)


Punishments Breaking ToU Griefing Extreme Use of Profanity Posting Porn/Gore Trading Evasion of Local Block Necroposting
First Time 1 Days 1 Hour ∞ (Appealable) Ban From AUT Infinite Non-IP Ban 3 Days
Second Time 1 Week 1 Day ∞ (Appealable) N/A Infinite Non-IP Ban 14 Days
Third Time 1 Week ∞ (Unappealable) N/A Infinite IP Ban Infinite Block (Appealable)