This is a page that contains pictures and additional information about the various maps on A Universal Time. Feel free to add information that relates to the map (i.e.: Easter Eggs, not information about stands.)

Map 3

A screenshot taken of the previous map.

A picture of the previous map:


curent map

A screenshot of the current map.


Idk if this is related?

The forest is a secret part of the map.

Map 4

A screenshot taken of the previous map.

A picture of the current map:



A spoon.

The spoon is a tribute to Spoony, a former developer of AUT who has left the development team due to personal issues.

Map 5 (Current Map

A picture of the current map: (Dont have a picture)


AUT House

This house is located on a small island on the new map. The house has resemblance of the DB Kame House so I have an idea that this will be a location to get the eventual Goku spec. Please don't send this to useless pages, this could be an actual useful page soon.

The inside also resembles the Kame House. It has a kettle on a counter. There is also a sofa and TV.

AUT Small house.png.png

This is also the new location for Brody Foxx.

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